Detailed Breakdown for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer No. 2 ‘Winter is Here’

Find out everything that happened in the latest ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer with this detailed breakdown…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

The second full length ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer has arrived and it provides a much deeper look at what to expect when season 7 debuts on July 16 on HBO.

There are still so many questions about what will unfold during the seven episodes that make up ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 as Daenerys Targaryen arrives in Westeros for the first time since she was a baby while Cersei Lannister attempts to hold onto control of the Iron Throne after crowning herself queen last season.

To the North, Jon Snow has named king but he’ll certainly face some opposition from Petyr Baelish, who was angling to put Sansa Stark on the throne instead of her bastard half-brother.

Undoubtedly a lot will unfold this season but let’s analyze the new ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 trailer titled ‘Winter is Here’ to find out some clues.

The trailer opens with a shot of Sansa Stark walking through the Godswood with the song “Light of the Seven” playing in the background. That was the same ominous track that highlighted Cersei’s plot to destroy the Great Sept of Baelor last season. The voiceover belongs to Baelish, who sounds like’s attempting to coach the eldest Stark daughter about a war to come.

“Don’t fight in the North or the South. Fight every battle, everywhere, always — in your mind”
~ Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish

20-seconds: It appears as the gate to the Wall opens up and somebody is about to enter while pulling another person behind them. Of course the easy guess is that will be Meera Reed walking through the Wall with Bran Stark behind her. There’s an even better clue about this being the case later in the trailer.

26 seconds: We see soldiers arriving with Lannister banners hanging up, which leads me to believe this is our first look at Casterly Rock — the home of the Lannister family. Judging by the ovation, somebody is arriving at home — perhaps Jamie going to reclaim his family’s seat?

31 seconds: Daenerys Targaryen runs her hand over the war table once presided over by Stannis Baratheon at Dragonstone. Remember, Dragonstone was the home of House Targaryen for centuries until Robert’s Rebellion. After the war ended and the Targaryens were ousted, Robert gave Dragonstone to his younger brother Stannis, where he ruled until his death.

35 seconds: A look at Arya Stark on horseback. No clear indication where she’s at, but last season she said she was going home so you’d have to imagine she’s going towards Winterfell although it doesn’t look all that cold where she’s at in this part of the trailer.

The next voiceover belongs to Jon Snow, who offers his hand in partnership for an oncoming war, which we have to assume will be the fight between the living and the dead when the White Walkers finally make their way past the Wall. It’s impossible to know who Jon is speaking to in the trailer, although we do see Daenerys shortly after this so perhaps he’s inviting the Starks to team with the Targaryens for the great war to come.

“For centuries our families fought together against their common enemy. Despite their differences together. We need to do the same if we’re going to survive. Cause the enemy is real. It’s always been real” ~ Jon Snow

47 seconds: Daenerys looks at the banner belonging to Stannis Baratheon — the stag with the burning heart — before tearing it down. Clearly, Daenerys will take back her family home at the start of this season.

59 seconds: Podrick and Brienne in the courtyard at Winterfell. It will be interesting to see what Brienne will be up to this season. She hasn’t exactly been the greatest bodyguard in the world yet so perhaps she’ll find a new job.

1 minute: “The Hound” Sandor Clegane makes his first appearance. From the look of things, he’s fighting in the cold of the North. Last season it appeared he was going to join with the Brotherhood without Banners so this would make sense given the wintry backdrop.

1:01: We see the Dothraki horde going up against the Lannister army. Obviously the biggest war this season will see Daenerys against Cersei in a fight for the Iron Throne.

1:04: Ravens flying overhead and it looks like Bran has warged his way into one of them as he watches the advance of the Night King’s army. We see the Night King look up at the raven as Bran snaps out of his trance. Last season, Bran was touched by the Night King in his vision, which allowed him to find where the Three-Eyed Raven was hiding. Perhaps the Night King’s connection to Bran continues into season 7.

Also note, Bran is in a wheelchair, which would seem to denote that either he has returned from beyond the Wall or perhaps this is a vision. Either could be true.

1:04: Beric Dondarrion — the leader of the Brotherhood without Banners — with a flaming sword. From the look of things, it certainly appears that he’s in the North perhaps fighting alongside Jon Snow.

1:08: Euron Greyjoy’s fleet arrives at King’s Landing. It’s notable because speculation has been that Euron may team up with Cersei in the war against the Targaryen armies invading Westeros.

1:15: Jamie Lannister riding through a sea of flames with a spear in his hands. Clearly there will be a lot of battles taking place.

1:17: Daenerys riding on the back of Drogon as she leads her Dothraki horde into battle.

1:19: It looks like a battle at sea — perhaps Euron’s navy going up against Yara and Theon

1:21: Jon Snow and his band of fighters go up against a seat of Wights. With the flaming sword next to him it would seem that Beric Dondarrion is also in this fight.

1:23: Jon Snow battles another White Walker.

1:26: Daenerys sitting on Drogon’s back. It’s clear the dragons have grown quite a bit since season 6.

1:30: Sansa Stark offers a warning while it looks like Jon Snow’s army is being engulfed in snow.

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives” ~ Sansa

1:42: Another shot of Jon Snow in battle as the trailer comes to an end.

That’s it for this ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 trailer but the season premiere is just around the corner on July 16 as we bear up for our full season preview coming soon!

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