Detailed Breakdown of ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer

Find out what’s happening during ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 from our extensive trailer breakdown…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

The new ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 trailer has finally arrived and there’s a lot to unpack from the 90-second clip that debuted on Wednesday.

The highly anticipated seventh season will debut on July 16 but with only seven episodes this season as opposed to the 10 episodes for every other season of ‘Game of Thrones’. With only 13 total episodes remaining, each hour left on ‘Game of Thrones’ will be crucial to the story that will be told before the series comes to an end.

At the end of season six, Daenerys Targaryen finally left Slaver’s Bay — notably renamed to the Bay of Dragons — on a journey bound for Westeros. Her fleet supplied by Yara Greyjoy, which is now powered by over 100,000 Dothraki warriors as well as an army of Unsullied, Daenerys set sail for Westeros where she will most likely land in Dorne where her emissary Varys has set up an alliance with Ellaria Sand as well as Lady Olenna Tyrell, after her family was massacred in the explosion of the Great Sept last year.

Jon Snow has defeated the Bolton army and taken back Winterfell for his family before being named the new “King in the North”. Of course, Jon’s ascension to the throne came after we learned his true parentage as Lyanna Stark is actually his mother and Rhaegar Targaryen is his father. Not everybody was happy that Jon is the new king, however, as Petyr Baelish had designs on ruling the North with Sansa Stark and he’s still in her ear about rule being passed to her bastard brother.

Cersei Lannister now sits on the Iron Throne after destroying all her enemies but her reign started after her last remaining child killed himself. Jamie Lannister, fresh off his victory to reclaim Riverrun, has returned to find his sister sitting on the Iron Throne and his last remaining son nowhere to be found.

As the new footage debuted we’re getting our first real look at what’s happening when ‘Game of Thrones’ returns so here’s a detailed breakdown of everything we saw in the season 7 trailer.


The trailer begins with a voice over from Cersei Lannister as she remarks about her many enemies from around Westeros.

“Enemies to the east.”

We see Grey Worm leading the army of the Unsullied, which means Daenerys Targaryen’s forces.

“Enemies to the west”

A glimpse at Euron Greyjoy’s fearsome vessel known as the ‘Silence’ cutting through the water with presumably a fleet of warships behind him.

“Enemies to the south”

It appears to be a spear being sharpened, which is reference to the Martells of Dorne — or in this case Oberyn Martell’s bastard daughters the Sand Snake and their matriarch, Ellaria Sand.

“Enemies to the north”

Here we get a glimpse of Arya Stark but it’s also reference to the Stark family at large now that they’ve taken back Winterfell with the help of House Arryn thanks to Petyr Baelish’s assistance. The north could also symbolize the icy army led by the Night King coming from beyond the Wall.

“Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it.”
~ Cersei Lannister


At the 36-second mark we see Daenerys Targaryen arriving at a great gate before we see her sitting on a throne at Dragonstone — the former home to the Targaryen dynasty but most recently used as the home of Stannis Baratheon and his forces.

“I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms and I will”
~ Daenerys Targaryen

At the 47-second mark we see the Unsullied engaging in battle at a Lannister stronghold, most likely at the family home of Casterly Rock. With Cersei and Jamie in King’s Landing and their father and uncle both dead, there’s no one guarding the family seat and it appears Daenerys has targeted Casterly Rock as one of her first destinations to conquer.


We find Petyr Baelish cozying up next to Sansa Stark while whispering a not so subtle reminder that she’s still standing while all the rest of her family has fallen.

“Your father and brothers are gone, yet here you stand. The last best hope against the coming storm”
~ Petyr Baelish

It’s been rather clear since last season that Baelish was angling his way into sharing the throne with Sansa, but now he’s got to figure out a way to put her back in charge while getting her half-brother Jon Snow out of there.

We also get a glimpse of Melisandre and it appears she’s at Dragonstone again, which is her former home with Stannis Baratheon. Perhaps she will attempt to align with Daenerys now that she’s arrived in Westeros.

And then Davos Seaworth leaves a rather ominous warning that the factions who are battling for control of the Seven Kingdoms may not matter once the Night King and his forces cross over from the Wall and bring hell and death upon everyone they touch.

“And then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne”
~ Ser Davos Seaworth


The remaining part of the trailer moves in rapid fire fashion with a lot to soak in during the final seconds

At the 1:12 mark we see Daenerys and Tyrion Lannister looking over a map at Dragonstone in the same chambers where Stannis Baratheon once stood.

At the 1:17 mark we find Jon Snow grabbing Petyr Baelish by the throat and slamming him against the wall in the Stark family crypt beneath Winterfell. Perhaps Jon has finally gotten wise to Baelish’s cunning ways.

At the 1:19 mark we see the Unsullied battling the Lannister forces, once again foreshadowing the war between Daenerys and Cersei.

At the 1:20 mark we see an arm reach out that’s been infected with greyscale — is this Jorah Mormont? Last we saw him he was sent out to find a cure for his infection by Daenerys Targaryen, but perhaps this is the result of this deadly disease once it has advanced on his arm.

At the 1:21 mark we see Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane running from something and it appears they may be beyond the Wall. Is this the start of the White Walker invasion?

At the 1:22 mark we see Yara Greyjoy kissing Ellaria Sand — clearly Daenerys’ army landed in Dorne and everyone just made themselves at home.

We also see the massive army that makes up Daenerys’ forces with her dragons, the Unsullied and 100,000 Dothraki warriors charging through a field.

And finally we get one more harbinger of the future as Jon Snow’s voiceover closes out the trailer.

“The great war is here”
~ Jon Snow

It’s a lot to go through in just over 90 seconds but it’s the first real look at ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7. Obviously, there will be at least one or two more trailers that will show up before the July 16 debut. For now enjoy this trailer over and over again as we gear up for ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7!


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