Djimon Hounsou Replaces Brian Tyree Henry in ‘A Quiet Place’ Sequel

Actor Djimon Hounsou has stepped into one of the starring roles in the upcoming sequel to ‘A Quiet Place’ alongside Emily Blunt…

Djimon Hounsou — best known for recent roles in ‘Shazam!’ as well as ‘Captain Marvel’ — has stepped into a starring role in the upcoming sequel to ‘A Quiet Place’, which will be directed by John Krasinski.

Hounsou replaces ‘Atlanta’ star Brian Tyree Henry, who was originally scheduled for the role but he was forced to drop out over scheduling conflicts. Henry has been ultra busy lately with several films including roles in the recent ‘Child’s Play’ remake as well as ‘Widows’ and an upcoming part in the Marvel feature film ‘The Eternals’.

With Henry dropping out, Hounsou steps into replace him and he will now star alongside Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe and Milicent Simmons, who return from the original ‘A Quiet Place’ along with Cillian Murphy, who will co-star in the upcoming horror film.

Krasinski wrote and directed the original ‘A Quiet Place’, which ended up being a surprise hit last year with more than $340 million made at the box office on a budget that reportedly ran only around $20 million. Almost immediately after the film was released, ‘A Quiet Place’ sequel was ordered with this one scheduled to land in theaters on May 15, 2020.

‘A Quiet Place’ focuses on a family struggling to survive in a world where noise-seeking creatures have taken over the Earth. Krasinksi also starred in the original movie but this time around he will just be back to write and direct with Blunt — his real life wife — taking over starring duties this time around.

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