Extended ‘Elseworlds’ Trailer Reveals Alternate Reality for ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ (VIDEO)

The extended trailer for ‘Elseworlds’ has arrived ahead of the three night crossover event between ‘The Flash’, ‘Arrow’ and ‘Supergirl’…

The latest crossover event in the ‘Arrow-verse’ is about to kick off this Sunday night with a special edition of ‘The Flash’ and then rolling onto Monday and Tuesday with ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Arrow’.

The extended trailer for the three night crossover gives a deeper look at how Barry Allen and Oliver Queen essentially switch bodies and take over each other’s lives in this mixed up reality that is ‘Elseworlds’.

The new trailer also gives a better look at Ruby Rose, who will be playing Kate Kane aka Batwoman when Arrow and the Flash arrive in Gotham City looking for answers.

This mega-crossover event will also see the return of Superman and the first appearance of Lois Lane in the ‘Arrow-verse’.

Check out the extended trailer and make sure to return to Nerdcore Movement for recaps of all three crossover episodes starting this Sunday night!

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