Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer: Morgan Arrives and New Characters are Introduced (VIDEO)

The extended trailer for Fear the Walking Dead season 4 has arrived including a much deeper look at Morgan making his first appearance on the show…

Fear the Walking Dead season 4 will kick off on Sunday night April 15 just minutes after The Walking Dead season 8 finale airs and we got our first extended look at what lies ahead this year.

At the end of last season, Madison was able to fight off the biker gang that was looking to take over the water reservoir but she was separated from her children and there was no indication who else may have survived.

Now as we get a deeper look into Fear the Walking Dead season 4, it appears Madison reunites with her son Nick and daughter Alicia as well as their old pal Victor Strand as they find a new compound to call home. It’s tough to say how long they’ll be happy there as a string of newcomers are quickly introduced in this trailer.

Not to mention, Morgan will make his exit from The Walking Dead to crossover onto Fear the Walking Dead, which will be his new permanent home for season 4. It’s been clear through the past few episodes of The Walking Dead, that Morgan is starting to lose his way again after vowing to never take a life and lately he’s become a killing machine. His influence has even started to infect children in the community so it doesn’t take much to figure out that Morgan is going to decide to leave his friends from Alexandria and strike out west to find himself again.

That’s where Morgan will meet Madison and her crew along with several other new characters being introduced during Fear the Walking Dead season 4.

Take a look at the first full length trailer for Fear the Walking Dead season 4 ahead of the debut on Sunday night, April 15.

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