First Look at Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ as Trailer Debuts (VIDEO)

The first full trailer for ‘The Dark Tower’ based on Stephen King’s novels has been unveiled…

The highly anticipated new film ‘The Dark Tower’ based on Stephen King’s epic series of novels has a new trailer that features Idris Elba in the featured role as ‘The Gunslinger’ as he goes up against ‘The Man in Black’ played by Matthew McConaughey.

King told his story of ‘The Dark Tower’ over eight novels so there’s no telling how much the film will pack in over two hours, but it sure looks like a lot of action.

The bulk of the story takes place in Midworld — an alternate universe of sorts to our own world where the apocalypse has already happened and Roland, the last of a legendary group of knights known as the gunslingers, is left roaming along while the Man in Black seeks to destroy this world and all the others by bringing the mighty tower down.

Readers of the books will know that King’s sprawling story is nearly impossible to encapsulate in a small description such as this, but right now we still don’t know just what ‘The Dark Tower’ movie will contain from the source material.

For now just enjoy the trailer and get ready for ‘The Dark Tower’ in theaters on August 4.

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