‘The Flash’, ‘Supergirl’ Producer Andrew Kreisberg Suspended Amidst Allegations of Sexual Harassment

One of the best known producers behind the CW’s slate of superhero shows has been suspended amidst allegations of sexual harassment…

Andrew Kreisberg — a producer on The CW’s slate of superhero series including ‘The Flash’, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Arrow’ — has been suspended by Warner Bros. amidst allegations of sexual harassment following an extensive story from Variety.

According to the report, Kreisberg allegedly engaged in sexual harassment and inappropriate physical contact over several years according to 15 women and four men who have worked with the producers. Warner Bros. immediately suspended Kreisberg and launched an internal investigation into the long string of allegations against the producer.

“We have recently been made aware of allegations of misconduct against Andrew Kreisberg,” Warner Bros. said in a statement. “We have suspended Mr. Kreisberg and are conducting an internal investigation. We take all allegations of misconduct extremely seriously, and are committed to creating a safe working environment for our employees and everyone involved in our productions.”

Kreisberg denies the allegations against him.

None of the accusers were named in the story out of fear of retribution from the producer or the studio for speaking out about these allegations. Among the allegations levied against Kreisberg including inappropriate touching without permission, asking for massages from female staff members and kissing females without permission. Also included in the allegations are constant comments made by Kreisberg about the appearance of females working on the different shows as well as their desirability.

The accusers mentioned in the report also stated that they did not report Kreisberg’s behavior to human resources out of the same fear of retribution because he is such an important figure to the studio.

The staff members or former staff members who spoke about the allegations against Kreisberg said that his behavior only got worse as he became more powerful as the show runner and producer over the numerous hit shows currently airing on the CW.

“The power went to his head,” one male writer said in the report. “It became clear to me that it would be very dangerous, career-wise, for me to confront him about his behavior.”

As of now, Kreisberg remains on suspension while Warner Bros. conducts the investigation into the numerous allegations against the producer.

Kreisberg is just the latest in a long string of producers and actors caught up in a wave of sexual harassment allegations following the downfall of uber-producer Harvey Weinstein after numerous women revealed a history of abuse and harassment from him over the years. Since then, allegations have been raised against several high profile actors including Kevin Spacey, who was later fired from ‘House of Cards’ as well as comedian Louis C.K., who was dropped by FX and Netflix after he admitted to inappropriate behavior with several women.

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