‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season Trailer Arrives and Death is Coming for Everyone (VIDEO)

It’s been a long wait but the trailer for the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ has arrived as the living prepare the ultimate battle against the dead…

Death is coming.

If there is a general theme in the first official trailer for the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ that would be it as the living prepare to fight the dead in the ultimate battle for survival.

On Tuesday, the long awaited ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer arrived for the final season with the first real footage shown from the last six episodes that debut on HBO on Sunday night, April 14.

As the trailer opens, Arya Stark is running from something through the castle at Winterfell as she talks about her unique relationship with death and then brandishes a dagger made of dragon glass meant to destroy the White Walkers, who are coming to kill every living thing in the known world.

“I know death. He’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.”

The next shot in the trailer reveals the Golden Company — a sellsword army purchased by Cersei Lannister to help her win the Iron Throne once the war between the living and dead are finished — as they head towards Westeros on ships provided by Euron Greyjoy. The leader, who we see from the back, is named Harry Strickland (he will be played by Marc Rissmann)

Throughout the trailer, the images we see of Cersei all seem to show her plotting against her enemies, which is what she does best after all. We know there will eventually be a fight for the Iron Throne that will likely land on her front doorstep at King’s Landing but what will be left of Daenerys’ army after she battles the dead in the North?

The trailer then shifts to words from Bran Stark while several images are shown of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen arriving at Winterfell with a massive army at their backs including two dragons and the Unsullied leading them.

Next comes the ominous warning from Jon Snow — he’s definitely known for these speeches — as he once again offers the reality of the situation for the upcoming battle at Winterfell where the living will try to survive against the dead.

“They’re coming. Our enemy doesn’t tire. Doesn’t stop. Doesn’t feel.”

The scenes throughout Jon’s words appear to show preparation for the war ahead with Gendry helping to forge weapons and Grey Worm preparing to fight while kissing Missandei as he goes off the battle.

Jamie Lannister also appears in the trailer where he’s engaged in battle while it appears he’s giving Jon and Daenerys forewarning about his sister’s betrayal as he tries to keep his own oath as the war is about to begin.

“I promised to fight for the living. I intend to keep that promise.”

The rest of the trailer shows intercut scenes of preparation for the Battle of Winterfell as Jon and Daenerys lead their army against the dead, who finally arrive at the end of the footage.

There are a few battle scenes woven throughout the trailer including Arya Stark fighting alongside her family as the war for life itself rages on.

The last frame of the trailer is a pair of dead horse legs arriving just outside Winterfell as it appears the Night King has arrived after toppling the Wall at the end of last season.

Check out the trailer along with our breakdown as the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ arrives on Sunday night, April 14 on HBO.

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