‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 4 Preview Teases Daenerys’ Struggles in the War (VIDEO)

Take a look at what’s coming up next week on ‘Game of Thrones’…

Daenerys Targaryen has been at home for a very short time now but her plan to conquer Westeros and reclaim the Iron Throne isn’t going as well as she first expected.

Despite arriving with an army of Unsullied at her back along with a Dothraki horde and two powerful allies in Dorne and House Tyrell, Daenerys has been getting out maneuvered at every turn in her war against Cersei Lannister.

First, Euron Greyjoy took out his niece Yara Greyjoy and destroyed her fleet before capturing Ellaria Sand and her daughter. Then the Unsullied were lured into Casterly Rock, where they captured the seat of House Lannister but failed to see Euron’s navy waiting to set flame to their remaining ships, effectively trapping them there. Add to that, Jamie Lannister led an army to crush House Tyrell and topple Highgarden.

In the next episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ it appears Daenerys is at her wit’s end with these losses as she discusses her misfortune with the King in the North, Jon Snow. Perhaps these latest developments will lead to a partnership between Daenerys and Jon Snow against a common enemy to the south.

It’s also interesting to note that HBO hasn’t revealed the title for this episode just yet. That might be a clue in what’s about to unfold when ‘Game of Thrones’ returns next Sunday night at 9pm ET on HBO.

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