‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 5 ‘Eastwatch’ Photos: Jon and Daenerys Reunite

Take a look at the photos for the upcoming ‘Game of Thrones’ episode titled ‘Eastwatch’….

Daenerys is finally able to celebrate a win.

Following last week’s harrowing episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ that saw Daenerys Targaryen launch a fiery offensive against the Lannister army by not only unleashing her Dothraki horde but using her dragon Drogon to burn her enemies to ash, she’s finally earned a victory against Cersei Lannister.

Now in the aftermath, Daenerys is looking to continue her campaign to win the Iron Throne but her victory will apparently take her back home to Dragonstone where she will reunite with Jon Snow.

In the latest photos for the next episode titled ‘Eastwatch’, Daenerys is seen with Jon Snow while it looks like her advisors Tyrion and Lord Varys are at work with some sort of plans of their own.

Take a look at the photos from ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7, episode 5 titled ‘Eastwatch’ and don’t forget to check out our recap of the episode on Sunday night.

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