‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Promises to Be the Fastest Paced Season yet

Get ready for a lot to unfold during ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 as the show hurdles towards the final episodes…

No one seemed happy to hear that ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 would only be seven episodes much less finding out that there were only 13 total episodes left in the entire series.

That being said, as ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 draws nearer with the July 16 debut date just around the corner, the actors on the show as well as the show runners are remarking at the fast pace that will be unleashed during every single episode remaining.

“I feel like I’d been lulled into a different pace,” Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who portrays Jamie Lannister, said about season 7. “Everything happened quicker than I’m used to … a lot of things that normally take a season now take one episode.”

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, agreed with him after so much story was packed into the first six seasons, it sounds like there will be a lot of action unfolding in each and every episode in the forthcoming season 7.

“This season is really different than any other season because it’s accelerating toward the end, a lot of stuff collides and happens much much quicker than you’re used to seeing on ‘Thrones’,” Harington said. “It’s so different than what everybody is used to. It’s quite exciting.”

When we last left ‘Game of Thrones’ at the end of season 6, Daenerys Targaryen was riding across the Narrow Sea with her army filled with Unsullied and Dothraki as she set sail for Westeros to take back the Iron Throne in her family’s name. Meanwhile, Cersei Lannister ascended as queen following the death of her son Tommen. To the North, Jon Snow was named the new King of Winterfell much to the chagrin of Petyr Baelish and perhaps even his own sister Sansa.

And of course there is the looming threat just beyond the Wall as the Night King readies his forces as the White Walkers prepare an invasion as winter has finally arrived.

Many of these stories have been building for several seasons and now ‘Game of Thrones’ is preparing for it all to collide during the final 13 episodes.

“Things are moving faster because in the world of these characters the war that they’ve been waiting for is upon them,” show runner Dan Weiss said. “The conflicts that have been building the past six years are upon them and those facts give them a sense of urgency that makes [the characters] move faster.”

Undoubtedly, Daenerys will be waging war against the Lannisters in King’s Landing after she found allies to the South after teaming up with the ruling family in Dorne as well as the remaining members of the Tyrell family. Jon Snow will certainly have a fight on his hands to maintain control over the North but it won’t be long before the White Walkers finally begin their invasion, which means the entire world is in danger from the greatest threat anyone has ever known.

All those pieces coming together can’t help but make ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 an action packed, non-stop, adrenaline pumping experience, which is why the show runners and actors are all excited to see it unfold.

“For a long time we’ve been talking about ‘the wars to come,’” show runner David Benioff explains. “Well, that war is pretty much here. So it’s really about trying to find a way to make the storytelling work without feeling like we’re rushing it — you still want to give characters their due, and pretty much all the characters that are now left are all important characters.
“Even the ones who might have started out as relatively minor characters have become significant in their own right.”

It will be interesting to see how all these characters converge during season 7, especially considering many of the key components have never even interacted. Jon Snow has never set eyes on Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark is still trying to find her way home to be reunited with her family. Plus with two massive wars about to be unleashed to the North and the South, ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 will have a lot to get to in only seven episodes.

‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 debuts on HBO on Sunday night, July 16 and stay tuned for our full season preview in the weeks to come!


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