Geoff Johns Penning ‘Green Lantern Corps’ Script After Stepping Down as DC Chief Creative Officer

Geoff Johns will be leaving the boardroom in favor of a more creative role at DC Entertainment…

Geoff Johns has stepped down as chief creative officer at DC Entertainment in a continued shake up of the executives overseeing the film and television universe surrounding famous characters such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Leaving the executive role, Johns will now step back into a more familiar creative position with Warner Bros’ retaining a first look at his future projects with designs on the prolific comic book writer penning the script for the planned Green Lantern Corps movie in the works from DC and Warner Bros.

Johns famously heralded a nine-year run on the Green Lantern comics as he helped re-invent those characters, eventually culminating in his epic ‘Blackest Night’ storyline back in 2009 and 2010.

Johns will also receive a co-writing credit on the upcoming Aquaman movie while also working alongside director Patty Jenkins for Wonder Woman 2, which is currently in production.

Johns has also found great success on the television side of DC’s business as he helped to launch the Arrow-verse alongside producer and creator Greg Berlanti. Johns will help write the new DC Universe digital series Titans as well as penning the episode called ‘Doom Patrol’, which will then see that team spinoff into its own series on the same platform.

Johns is still staying close to home with his comic book writing as well where he’s currently working on the acclaimed series Doomsday Clock with plans to launch a new Shazam! book in the fall.

With Johns stepping down, DC editor Jim Lee will assume his responsibilities as chief creative officer at the company.

Of course it’s no secret that DC has been raked over the coals in the past few years with a list of critical and commercial failures at the box office including Justice League, which was largely seen as a disaster while also leaving the future of the DC extended universe in question. Warner Bros. and DC are trying to reboot things now with a few new executives stepping into decision making roles that will hopefully right the ship as they continue to compete with the machine that is Marvel Studios led by president Kevin Feige.

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