‘Gotham’ Final Season Trailer Gives First Look at Shane West as Bane (VIDEO)

The full trailer for the final season of ‘Gotham’ has arrived with a look at Shane West as Bane and much more as the Batman prequel comes to an end…

‘Gotham’ will return for a final season on January 3 on FOX to wrap up the prequel that told the story of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.

Never mind the fact that ‘Gotham’ virtually introduced every villain he would ever face in his rogues gallery while Bruce wasn’t even old enough to drive a car — the series plans to tackle even more bad guys during these final episodes.

Among the villains coming to ‘Gotham’ in the final season is Bane as played by Shane West.

Check out the bonkers trailer for the final season of ‘Gotham’ as the last set of episodes debut on January 3 on FOX.

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