‘Gotham’ Renewed for Season 4 on FOX

The Batman prequel ‘Gotham’ will return for a fourth season on FOX…

The heroes and villains on ‘Gotham’ will continue to battle for at least another year.

FOX has officially renewed ‘Gotham’ for season four on the network with production on the show expected to pick up later this summer.

While the Batman prequel hasn’t exactly killing it in the ratings, ‘Gotham’ has remained a solid performer for FOX while delivering an average of 4.6 million viewers per week. Consistency is the key with ‘Gotham’ because fans have stuck by the show through all three seasons, which means they will likely return for season four as well.

‘Gotham’ is just about to wrap up season three over the next few weeks with season four expected to air in the fall on FOX.

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