‘Halloween’ Saga Comes to an End with Two New Sequels Coming in 2020 and 2021

The ‘Halloween’ saga will come to an end with two upcoming sequels slated to drop in 2020 and 2021…

Michael Myers will haunt ‘Halloween’ for two more movies in a planned trilogy that will bring his saga to a close.

Following the massive success of the ‘Halloween’ reboot in 2018 that saw Jamie Lee Curtis reprise her role as Laurie Strode in a film that stood as a direct sequel to the original ‘Halloween’ from 1978, a pair of sequels are in the works that will be released over the next two years.

On October 16, 2020, ‘Halloween Kills’ will land in theaters with this movie taking place after the events in the most recent ‘Halloween’ movie from 2018.

Following that movie, on October 15, 2021, the trilogy will come to a close with ‘Halloween Ends’.

Curtis is once again reprising her role for the film with the rest of the main cast also expected to return including Judy Greer playing her daughter and Andi Matichak as her granddaughter after they both appeared in the recent ‘Halloween’ reboot.

David Gordon Green is expected to return as the director and writer for the sequels with original ‘Halloween’ creator John Carpenter also on board as a producer. Carpenter also did the musical score for the last ‘Halloween’ film and it’s likely he will return for that role again in the planned sequels.

The ‘Halloween’ franchise has produced numerous sequels and remakes but this latest trilogy serves as the direct link to the original film from 1978 that shattered box office records for an independent horror film at the time.

While it seems unlikely that Michael Myers will stay dead and buried forever even after these planned sequels, the version featuring Curtis in her iconic role will seemingly come to a close with these two films planned for 2020 and 2021.

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