‘Hawkeye’: Hailee Steinfeld Targeted for Lead Role Opposite Jeremy Renner in Disney+ Series

Hailee Steinfeld is in talks to join the upcoming ‘Hawkeye’ series from Disney+ with Jeremy Renner returning to the character he played in four ‘Avengers’ films…

Clint Barton may have found his Kate Bishop.

Actress Hailee Steinfeld — best known for her work in the recent ‘Bumblebee’ movie as well as ‘True Grit’ where she was nominated for an Academy Award — is in early talks to join the upcoming ‘Hawkeye’ series headed to Disney+ in 2021.

While a deal isn’t official, Marvel Studios has apparently targeted Steinfeld as the leading candidate for the role of Kate Bishop, who is the trainee under Clint Barton as he prepares to pass along the mantle of Hawkeye to someone new.

Jeremy Renner is already on board to play Barton again after portraying the character in four ‘Avengers’ movies and now Steinfeld is in talks to join the ‘Hawkeye’ series as his apprentice.

In the comics, Kate Bishop was the daughter of a wealthy media magnate, who eventually spurned her family’s wealth before she was captured and held for ransom by one of her father’s enemies. Hawkeye and the Avengers led a rescue mission and she became interested in the bow and arrow wielding hero because he didn’t have any superpowers but rather was just an incredibly skilled human.

Kate eventually became a member of the Young Avengers before turning to Barton to train her as the new Hawkeye as he looked to pass on the mantle to a new person.

There’s no word on how the ‘Hawkeye’ series will handle Kate’s introduction to Clint Barton but it has been confirmed that he will train her as an apprentice much like the comics as he teaches her how to be a hero without any superpowers.

If the deal closes to sign Steinfeld, she would join the ‘Hawkeye’ series but filming isn’t expected to start filming until sometime next year with a debut date on Disney+ in late 2021. While this would be her first live action role in a superhero project, Steinfeld previously voiced Gwen Stacy in the Oscar winning animated film ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse’ last year.

H/T: Hollywood Reporter 

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