‘Hellboy’ Reboot Trailer Arrives as David Harbour Takes Over the ‘Right Hand of Doom’ (VIDEO)

The first trailer for the new ‘Hellboy’ movie with ‘Stranger Things’ David Harbour in the starring role has finally arrived…

The rebooted ‘Hellboy’ franchise is about to launch on April 12, 2019 with David Harbour taking over the role that was once played by Ron Perlman in the original film directed by Guillermo Del Toro.

The new film directed by Neil Marshall (veteran director of ‘Dog Soldiers’ and several ‘Game of Thrones’ episodes) will reboot the franchise with a whole new cast and origin story for the comic book character first created by Mike Mignola in 1993.

The new ‘Hellboy’ movie sees the arrival of the lead character and his introduction into the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense where he will help take down supernatural forces that are threatening Earth.

Mila Jovovich will play the main antagonist in the new movie as she portrays Nimue — the blood queen — an evil sorceress who aims to destroy all of humanity.

Take a look at the new trailer and see if you’re on board for the revamped and rebooted ‘Hellboy’ due out in theaters in April.

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