‘House of Cards’ Final Season Will Continue Without Kevin Spacey

The final season of ‘House of Cards’ will kick back into production in early 2018 without Kevin Spacey…

Frank Underwood is done in Washington.

On the heels of numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against Kevin Spacey, which led to the actor being fired from the series, Netflix announced on Monday that the final season of ‘House of Cards’ would continue with Robin Wright leading the way as new president Claire Underwood.

At this time, scripts are still being produced before the show kicks back into production but the leading theory is that Spacey’s character, disgraced president Frank Underwood, will be written off the show with some sort of off screen death.

The ‘House of Cards’ final season will run for eight episodes on Netflix.

Production on ‘House of Cards’ was shut down last month amidst allegations against Spacey, who was later fired from the series after Netflix refused to participate in any project with him involved. The streaming service also sacked a film that was in the works with Spacey as well.

Now ‘House of Cards’ will move ahead for the final season but there could still be more as a couple of spinoffs are currently in the works that may eventually get picked up at Netflix in the future.

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