‘House of Cards’ To End with Sixth and Final Season on Netflix

Amidst controversy surrounding Kevin Spacey, Netflix will bring ‘House of Cards’ to an end with season six…

‘House of Cards’ is finally tumbling down.

The immensely popular series that helped launch original programming on Netflix will officially come to an end with the upcoming sixth and final season.

‘House of Cards’ season six is currently filming with the 13 episodes expected to debut on Netflix in 2018, which when then bring the political drama to a close. There have been rumors about ‘House of Cards’ ending with this upcoming season but now that’s been confirmed while production is ongoing for the series.

The end of ‘House of Cards’ also comes at a very controversial time for lead star Kevin Spacey, who plays former president Frank Underwood on the series.

Last week, Spacey was accused of making aggressive sexual advances towards another actor who was only 14 years old at the time in an incident that allegedly took place in 1986. Spacey later issued a statement on Twitter where he didn’t deny the allegations but rather blamed the possible incident on drunken behavior before officially coming out as a gay man. The statement has been ridiculed by numerous celebrities and activists since Spacey released it over the weekend.

As for ‘House of Cards’, it’s undeniable what the show has meant to Netflix over the past five seasons leading into the sixth and final season. The series has been a critical darling while earning a whopping 46 Emmy nominations including six wins.

Now ‘House of Cards’ will come to an end with the sixth season in 2018.

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