‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Features Alice Eve as Typhoid Mary, Debut Date Revealed

The first teaser trailer for ‘Iron Fist’ season 2 has arrived with a debut date and some news about the villain featured this time around…

‘Iron Fist’ season 2 will drop all 13 episodes on September 7 on Netflix and the villain for the upcoming season has finally been revealed.

Alice Eve — known for her roles in ‘Star Trek’ as well as ‘She’s Out of My League’ — will play famed Marvel villainess Typhoid Mary in the upcoming season of ‘Iron Fist’. The news was revealed during the ‘Iron Fist’ panel at San Diego Comic Con.

In the comics, Typhoid Mary was originally a Daredevil villain who later crossed over and battled numerous heroes in the Marvel Universe. The character’s origin comes from the pages of Daredevil where she worked at a brothel where Matt Murdock ended up battling a villain before he actually became ‘The Man Without Fear’. In the midst of the battle, the women working at the brothel defended the villain and a woman named Mary Walker is knocked out of a window and from that moment on she vows to never allow a man to hurt her again. Mary is also afflicted with dissociative identity disorder with her personalities coming out at inopportune times. Mary also has several mutant abilities including telekinesis but it’s impossible to know what kind of character adaptation will be made within ‘Iron Fist’ season 2.

Eve was announced as part of the ‘Iron Fist’ cast several months ago but her role was kept a secret until now as the show draws closer to debuting in September.

Take a look at the first teaser trailer for ‘Iron Fist’ season 2 before the show drops September 7.

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