Jared Leto Is Getting His Own ‘Joker’ Standalone Movie at Warner Bros.

Jared Leto will become The Joker once again for a standalone movie in the works from Warner Bros. and DC Comics…

Jared Leto is far from finished playing The Joker.

After first debuting in nothing much more than a cameo role playing the joker in 2016’s Suicide Squad, the Oscar winner will once again play the Clown Prince of Crime for a solo Joker movie from Warner Bros. and DC.

Several reports confirmed that Leto will star in the solo Joker movie but details are scarce beyond the movie actually getting the green light from Warner Bros.

Now there is a separate Joker standalone movie already in the works from director Todd Phillips that will star Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role but that’s being produced under a new banner of films separate from the rest of the extended DC film universe.

The new movie starring Leto as the Joker would incorporate the same character first revealed during Suicide Squad with tie-ins to the rest of the DC Universe including a planned Harley Quinn movie starring Margot Robbie.

As of now, the new Joker movie is just coming together so there’s no writer on board much less a director at this point so there’s no word on when this film could go into production.

A second Suicide Squad movie is already in the works for 2019 with Gavin O’Connor taking over he reins from former director David Ayer but again there’s no word if Leto is expected to appear in that movie either.

In other words, DC has a lot of ideas for upcoming films but it’s anyone’s guess what their strategy is after a rough outing at the box office for Justice League in 2017.

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