Jeremy Renner Joins Jamie Foxx in New ‘Spawn’ Movie from Blumhouse

Jeremy Renner will portray a famous cop from the ‘Spawn’ comics in the new film adaptation of the series from Blumhouse…

Jeremy Renner — best known for his roles in the ‘Avengers’ movies as well as ‘Wind River’ — has signed onto star in the upcoming ‘Spawn’ movie from director Todd McFarlane that’s being produced by Blumhouse Productions.

Renner will play Twitch — a good cop surrounded by a department filled with corruption as he eventually teams up with Spawn, who will be played in the movie by Jamie Foxx.

‘Spawn’ tells the story of Al Simmons — a black ops agent who is betrayed and murdered and his soul sent to hell for all the misdeeds he’s done during his life but he strikes a deal with a demon to send him back to Earth in exchange for his soul. When Simmons gets back to Earth, it’s five years later, his wife has married his best friend and he’s a horribly scarred superpowered hero.

McFarlane, who created ‘Spawn’, will direct the feature — his first film — with Jason Blum producing the low budget adaptation of the long running comic book series.

‘Spawn’ is expected to start filming later this year.

H/T: Hollywood Reporter

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