‘Jessica Jones’ Final Season Teaser Released, Debut Date on Netflix Revealed (VIDEO)

The third and final season of ‘Jessica Jones’ is coming sooner rather than later with the release date on Netflix announced on Tuesday…

The final Marvel series left on Netflix will come to an end with ‘Jessica Jones’ season 3 now set to debut on June 14 on the streaming service.

A new teaser trailer for the final season dropped on Tuesday with a very brief glimpse — or rather a voiceover — of the sociopath that Jessica will be dealing with in these last episodes.

‘Jessica Jones’ season 2 came to a close after Trish Walker was forced to kill Jessica’s mother, who had gone on a rage rampage throughout New York. In the end, Jessica covered up the murder but refused to forgive Trish as the best friends remained estranged when the season came to a close.

Meanwhile, Trish is starting to realize her own superhero destiny while Jessica’s former employer Jeri Hogarth sets out to start her own lawfirm after leaving her old partners.

Now as the third and final season begins, Jessica is dealing with an ultra smart psychopath that tests her in ways she never imagined, which forces her to turn to Trish for help as they have to reluctantly team up together to stop this new threat.

Check out the teaser trailer for ‘Jessica Jones’ season 3 ahead of the final season debut on June 14 on Netflix.


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