John Malkovich Joins ‘Billions’ Season 3

Oscar nominated actor John Malkovich has booked an arc on ‘Billions’ season 3….

John Malkovich will return to television with a recurring role in ‘Billions’ season 3 set to debut on March 25 at 10pm ET on Showtime.

The casting teams Malkovich up with ‘Billions’ creators Brian Koppelman and David Levien, who were also the writers behind the feature films ‘Rounders’ and ‘Knockaround Guys’.

Malkovich had roles in both films including his famous turn as Russian gangster and card shark Teddy KGB in ‘Rounders’ opposite Matt Damon.

It looks like Malkovich will play a familiar role this time around on ‘Billions’ as he portrays Russian billionaire Grigor Andolov in the series starring Damian Lewis as hedge fund king Bobby Axelrod and Paul Giamatti as U.S. attorney Chuck Rhoades, who is tasked with bringing him down.

“John appeared in our first two films, Rounders and Knockaround Guys, and we have a long creative history together. We are ecstatic to be reunited with the man who played Teddy KGB once again,” Koppelman and Levien said in a shared statement about the casting.

There’s no word on how many episodes Malkovich will appear in during ‘Billions’ season 3 but it certainly seems like he’ll play a major role in what’s to come when the show returns on March 25.

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