Kevin Feige Names the Most Powerful Character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Post ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige names who he believes is the most powerful character in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe…

One of the oldest debates amongst friends who read comic books would be the question about who would win in a fight between two particular superheroes or even super villains?

Those same arguments continue to rage on these days between comic book readers but those debates have now also extended out to film fans who have rabidly devoured every superhero movie that lands at the theater.

In the 11 year, 23 film run to make it through the “Infinity Saga”, the biggest question posed to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was who would be powerful enough to stop Thanos as he looked to annihilate half of life in the universe. Well it turns out Thor was one axe strike away from potentially stopping Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War” but he went for the heart instead of the head (Thor did get his vengeance in “Avengers: Endgame” albeit against a weakened Thanos).

It was ultimately a team effort that brought down Thanos in “Avengers: Endgame” but now that the Mad Titan has been defeated and several prominent characters are no longer on the canvas after saying goodbye to Iron Man and Captain America, who is the most powerful person in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Well there’s no better person to ask than Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who stands as the person most singularly responsible for everything that unfolds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the past, present and future.

So who does he believe is the most powerful character in the MCU?

“I think it’s interesting. If you look at “Endgame”, Wanda Maximoff was going to kill Thanos,” Feige said when speaking to students at the New York Film Academy. “That’s as scared as I’ve ever seen Thanos. And if he hadn’t said decimate my entire team to get her off of me, I think she would have done it.”

It’s an interesting comment from Feige, who has been teasing a newer, more powerful version of Wanda Maximoff (played by Elizabeth Olsen) in the upcoming Disney+ series “WandaVision”, which he has said is unlike anything Marvel has ever done before in films or television. In that show, Wanda will finally embrace her more famous moniker as the Scarlet Witch — an iconic Avenger, who in the comic books is the daughter of Magneto but that was never referenced in past films because at the time Marvel did not own the rights to the characters from the X-Men universe.

Now that Feige has referenced her as the Scarlet Witch, you begin to wonder if “WandaVision” will be the first true entry for the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe using Wanda Maximoff as that conduit.

Marvel also just recently pushed up the release date of that series with plans for “WandaVision” to land on Disney+ sometime in 2020 alongside “Falcon and Winter Soldier,” which will also be coming out later this year.

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