Kevin Feige Promoted to Chief Creative Officer Over Marvel

Kevin Feige has been promoted to the chief creative officer over all of Marvel, adding to his current responsibilities as the president of Marvel Studios…

The entire creative direction of Marvel going forward will now be in Kevin Feige’s capable hands.

On Tuesday, Marvel officially announced that Feige would be the new chief creative officer over the entire company — which means in addition to his role as president of Marvel Studios, he will now be overseeing the creative direction of the comic book division as well as film, television and animation.

Marvel TV and animation will now be moving to Marvel Studios as Feige takes over the creative direction for the entire company moving forward.

Previously, all of the different arms of the Marvel empire had various executives in charge, which led to a lack of cohesiveness between various projects. While Feige had Marvel Studios running like a well oiled machine, churning out hit after hit including ‘Avengers: Endgame’, which is now the largest grossing movie in film history, the other parts of Marvel weren’t quite as successful.

Marvel TV has been hit and miss over the years with critical darlings such as ‘Daredevil’ and “Jessica Jones’ landing at Netflix while shows such as ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and the limited series ‘Agent Carter’ struggled to find a wider audience.

Feige had already started getting into the TV side of the business when he began developing a slate of new series headed to Disney+ that will serve as an extension of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe that he has cultivated for the past decade. Now Feige will have creative control over all of the Marvel films and television series going forward while reporting directly to the chairman of Disney.

That’s likely good news for fans who have been thirsty for a larger shared universe at Marvel after it appeared the movies and television series were virtually disconnected outside of a few random mentions here and there that sort of tied them together. Now, Feige will be able to craft an entire universe from film to television while also helping to steer the creative direction at Marvel Comics, which still serves as the inspiration for many of the most prominent stories that end up landing on the big screen.

Feige definitely has a lot on his plate these days as he prepares to launch Marvel ‘Phase 4’ next year following the hugely successful ‘Infinity Saga’ that wrapped up earlier this year. Feige will also eventually start introducing characters from the X-Men universe into Marvel after the studio regained the rights following Disney’s purchase of FOX in early 2019.

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