Kiersey Clemons Still Plans on Playing Iris West in ‘The Flash’ Movie

Despite a long list of problems plaguing the rumored Flash movie, Kiersey Clemons is still on board to play one of the lead roles…

The DC cinematic universe has been nothing if not a serious challenge for Warner Bros. and pretty much anybody who signs up to adapt on of their comic books for the big screen.

Outside of Wonder Woman, just about ever DC/Warner Bros. project from Justice League to Suicide Squad as been a critical disaster not to mention coming up short at the box office in some cases.

One of the most maligned properties is The Flash starring Ezra Miller with the film undergoing multiple changes in directors and writers over the past couple of years. In fact at San Diego Comic Con 2017, it was announced that The Flash movie would focus on ‘Flashpoint’ — a famous comic book storyline that helped restart the DC Universe.

Months later it appeared that DC had abandoned that plan with nothing concrete to report on when or if The Flash movie would get underway.

While directors have been chosen for The Flash movie there’s still no concrete plans on when the film will shoot but at least one of the key stars is still on board as Kiersey Clemons confirmed during an appearance on Conan that she’s still set to play Barry Allen’s girlfriend/future wife, Iris West.

“I am going to be in ‘The Flash’. I’m Iris West,” Clemons confirmed.

Clemons actually filmed a scene for the Justice League movie that was out last year but her brief appearance was cut from the final version of the film.

While there’s still no word on when The Flash movie might get underway, it seems Clemons is still on board to star alongside Miller in the DC/Warner Bros. project. At least for now anyways.

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