‘Krypton’ Cancelled After Two Seasons, Syfy Passes on Potential ‘Lobo’ Spinoff

The Superman prequel ‘Krypton’ has been cancelled after two seasons and Syfy has also passed on a potential spinoff from the series…

‘Krypton’ has been cancelled after two seasons on the Syfy network.

Just two days after the season 2 finale aired on the network, Syfy decided to pull the plug on the Superman prequel that takes place on his home planet 200 years before he was alive.

‘Krypton’ primarily focused on Superman’s grandfather Seg-El (played by Cameron Cuffe), although several recognizable names from the ‘Superman’ universe managed to appear on the series.

Cuffe sent out a message of thanks to the fans of ‘Krypton’ after the show’s cancellation was announced on Friday.

The producers behind ‘Krypton’ will reportedly attempt to shop the series around to other outlets in hopes of making a third season of the series but as of now there’s no word if anyone will be willing to bankroll the show. It’s possible either the DC Universe app or the new HBO Max streaming service from Warner Bros. could be interested in ‘Krypton’ but nothing has been decided yet.

Additionally, Syfy has opted not to move forward with a ‘Krypton’ spinoff based on the character Lobo after initially ordering a pilot for that series. Lobo initially appeared in ‘Krypton’ and a spinoff was planned at Syfy but now those plans have been scrapped.

The first two seasons of ‘Krypton’ are still available now on the DC Universe app.

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