Krysten Ritter Doesn’t Expect The Defenders to Return for a Second Installment

Just a day ahead of Jessica Jones season 2 dropping, Krysten Ritter says The Defenders are likely one and done…

When Marvel announced a slew of new television series being developed for Netflix, the end goal was to eventually team up all of those characters for a limited series that would be called The Defenders.

After two seasons of Daredevil and a single season each for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, that finally came to pass with The Defenders debuting with eight episodes this past summer on Netflix.

Unfortunately, The Defenders was met less than stellar critical reception and the series didn’t pan out the way that Marvel and Netflix probably hoped it would be received after first coming up with the idea while launching the Marvel Universe on the streaming service.

Well it seems that one limited run of The Defenders is all that’s planned as Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter revealed this week while talking about the critical reception the series received last year.

“Well, I think Jessica was pretty well received. People were excited to see her again, so that made us happy because Jessica is the next up. Y’know, I had a great time doing The Defenders and honestly, it was such a good experience that I would even do it again. I don’t think we are doing it again. It was never intentioned to do it again, but, you know, if I was given another opportunity, I would.
“My heart is with my show because of the subject matter and because of the great drama that we get to do and the personal issues that we explore. For me, that is more the type of content that I enjoy as a viewer and as a performer. My heart is in Jessica Jones, but I did have a great time doing The Defenders with the guys. We had a good time. It is what it is.”

Marvel never explicitly said that there would be another installment of The Defenders but it appears that one is enough for now.

The good news is every Marvel series on Netflix has already been renewed for another season.

Jessica Jones season 2 drops on Thursday night while Luke Cage season 2 will debut in June. Daredevil season 3 has already started production with Iron Fist season 2 expected to get back into production soon as well. And finally The Punisher season 2 has picked up casting, which means filming can’t be all that far away.

H/T: Vulture

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