Kurt Sutter Explains How He Will Connect ‘Sons of Anarchy’ to ‘Mayans MC’

Kurt Sutter says there was one key component in connecting ‘Sons of Anarchy’ to his new series ‘Mayans MC’…

Kurt Sutter will kick off his first ‘Sons of Anarchy’ spinoff later this year when ‘Mayans MC’ debuts on FX for 10 episodes in the fall.

‘Sons of Anarchy’ remains the most watched series in FX history and Sutter has long teased several possible spinoffs including a prequel that would tell the origins of the fictional motorcycle club. ‘Mayans MC’ will focus on the rival motorcycle club that often butted heads with the Sons of Anarchy during the show’s seven season run on FX.

Now ‘Mayans MC’ takes place following Jax Teller’s death but the series is not based in northern California like the original show. Instead, ‘Mayans MC’ is set in southern California near the border with Mexico with a different charter of the club than fans first met in ‘Sons of Anarchy’.

The good news is Sutter was able to call on his friend Emilio Rivera to return to fold in ‘Mayans MC’ where he will reprise his role as Marcus Alvarez, the president and founder of the club, after serving as a major recurring character on all seven seasons of ‘Sons of Anarchy.

“When this other project was coming up with the Mayans; he’s my linchpin in fusing these two mythologies,” Sutter said about Rivera’s role in ‘Mayans MC when speaking to Desde Hollywood. “It’s so great to be able to work with him again, and be around that energy, because it reminds me that this is why we do what we do.”

‘Mayans MC’ will be made up of completely new characters outside of Rivera, who is expected to fill a pivotal role on the series as he connects the two worlds together. The focus of the show will be on EZ Reyes, a prospect with the Mayans who is fresh out of prison, after once being considered the golden boy who now struggles to find his own identity in the club that lies on the California/Mexico border.

Of course, Sutter hasn’t closed the door on the possibility that another character from ‘Sons of Anarchy’ could potentially crossover into ‘Mayans MC’ but there’s been no confirmation about that yet.

No debut date has been announced for ‘Mayans MC’ but the series is expected to debut this fall on FX.

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