Kurt Sutter Reveals His Plans for Eventual ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Prequel Called ‘First Nine’

Kurt Sutter is currently focused on his new series ‘Mayans M.C.’ but he still has plans to return to ‘Sons of Anarchy’ for a long rumored prequel…

Kurt Sutter may have finished ‘Sons of Anarchy’ a few years ago but he hasn’t forgotten plans to go back there at some point in the near future.

Right now, Sutter is entrenched as one of the lead writers and co-show runners for his new series ‘Mayans M.C.’, which is based in the same universe as ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and features a few of the same characters that first appeared on the original series that launched in 2008.

Prior to ‘Mayans M.C.’ going into development, Sutter had long talked about his plans for a ‘sons of Anarchy’ prequel that would tell the story about the ‘First Nine’ — the original nine members who helped found the motorcycle club.

While there’s no exact timeline on when Sutter might bring that concept to life, he already has an idea about how he would execute the prequel that would serve as a limited event series rather than an ongoing show.

“It would be a one-off called First Nine. It’ll begin in Vietnam with John [Teller] and Piney [Winston]. There will be one episode for each guy who joins the first nine. That’s what I want to do,” Sutter told EW.

For fans of ‘Sons of Anarchy’, several members of the ‘First Nine’ were already introduced or talked about during the series that ran for seven seasons on FX.

John Teller (Jax Teller’s father) and Piney Winston (Opie’s father) were the two most prominent founders of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ after they returned home from the Vietnam War. Clay Morrow was the final member of the First Nine, although technically he wasn’t actually one of the founding members as he was sponsored into the club by Piney Winston. Lenny “The Pimp” Janowitz appeared in a couple of episodes of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ while doing time in prison (he was played by real life Hell’s Angel member Sonny Barger). Keith McGee was another founding member and he was featuring in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 3 before betraying the club and was later killed by Clay Morrow.

The other members of the First Nine — Wally Grazer, Thomas ‘Uncle Tom’ Whitney, Chico Villanueva, and Otto ‘Lil’ Killer’ Moran — were the remaining founders, although they were never featured on ‘Sons of Anarchy’.

Now Sutter has said in the lead up to the launch of ‘Mayans M.C.’ that he definitely still wants to do the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ prequel but he’s just not certain when it will happen. At least by the sound of it, Sutter has plans in mind for the ‘First Nine’ as he plots an eventual return to ‘Sons of Anarchy’.

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