Legion Season 2 Trailer Is Just as Bizarre and Trippy as You’d Expect (VIDEO)

The full length trailer for Legion season 2 has been released and it’s just as crazy as what you’d expect out of this X-Men spinoff…

Legion will return for season 2 on April 3 on FX and the first trailer for the sophomore installment of the X-Men spinoff has been released.

After being absorbed into some sort of blue ball at the end of last season, David Haller is back but he’s struggling to remember what exactly happened to him — was this all in his head?

Of course, Legion does very little to explain the curiosities that unfold in David’s manic brain while those closest to him try to help the ultra power mutant understand and hone his powers.

That will be more critical than ever in Legion season 2 as the Shadow King has started to infect people’s minds and the battle pitting mutant against mutant is just getting started.

Check out the trailer for Legion season 2 ahead of the debut on April 3 on FX.

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