Listen to First Track from New ‘Halloween’ Score from Original Composer John Carpenter

‘Halloween’ creator John Carpenter will be returning to the franchise by scoring the upcoming film due out in October and we’ve got the first track…

John Carpenter is best known for his long list of horror classics but the prolific writer/director also managed to create a long list of iconic scores to many of his most famous movies.

While Carpenter didn’t have a hand in writing or directing the upcoming ‘Halloween’ movie from David Gordon Green, he did jump on board to score the film that’s due out on October 19.

Taking elements from the original ‘Halloween’ score that he created on a shoestring budget when the film was released back in 1978, he’s built in some new ominous sounds that will echo the battle between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode when they meet again 40 years after their original encounter in the new movie.

The new ‘Halloween’ movie serves as a direct sequel to Carpenter’s original film so it only stands to reason why he’d be the person in charge of the score for the highly anticipated film.

Check out the first track titled ‘The Shape Returns’ from John Carpenter as ‘Halloween’ is just a few weeks away from being released. The soundtrack for the movie will also be released on Oct. 19.

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