‘Lucifer’, ‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Cancelled; ‘iZombie’ Renewed at the CW

It’s that time of year where several shows are being saved or cancelled with the latest round affecting numerous series based on comic books including Lucifer…

As networks prepare to announced their fall lineups in a matter of days, several series have been ordered while others have been cancelled including a number of shows based on comic books.

On the cancellation side, Lucifer was ultimately given the axe at FOX after three seasons on the network. Immediately after word was passed down on Lucifer‘s cancellation, fans took to social media in an attempt to save the series with the hash tag #SaveLucifer trending on Twitter.

Perhaps an even tougher reveal was Lucifer show runner Joe Henderson revealing that the season three finale ends on a massive cliffhanger that will almost certainly crush fans without any kind of resolution promised unless the show gets picked up by another network.

Elsewhere, ABC officially put an end to Marvel’s Inhumans, which was about the least surprising news of the day.

The special event Marvel series was critically panned after reviewers tore it to shreds before the show even debuted and the ratings for the series bombed on Friday nights so it was expected that Inhumans wouldn’t be resurrected.

As for good news on the comic book side of things, The CW decided to renew iZombie for a fifth season after the show was sitting on the bubble for weeks. The CW is opening up Sunday nights for more original programming including reboots for Charmed and Roswell but ultimately iZombie scored a renewal on the network.

There could still be more blood letting in the coming days as the networks prepare for their upfront presentations to launch the fall lineups for later this year.

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