Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Release Date Pushed Back Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

“Black Widow” will be getting a new release date as theaters across the world continue to shut down during the coronavirus outbreak…

“Black Widow” will have to wait until a later date to land in theaters.

On Tuesday, Marvel Studios made the decision to push back the upcoming film starring Scarlett Johansson that was due for release on May 1 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. As of now, a new release date has not been determined.

Originally, Marvel hoped to keep the original release date in May but as precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19 became more severe, numerous theater chains across the world starting shutting down to help cut down on the spread of the disease. President Donald Trump announced on Monday that the government was recommending no more than 10 people being together for any kind of gathering for at least the next 15 days, which obviously affected the theater industry.

AMC announced that they would be closing their theaters nationwide and the company anticipated at least six to 12 weeks before re-opening. Regal Cinemas also announced they would be shutting down while the coronavirus outbreak continues.

Ultimately, Marvel couldn’t risk putting up a huge film like “Black Widow” with the May 1 release date while facing a lot of unknowns on what the movie theater industry will look like in five weeks time.

A new release date for “Black Widow” will be announced later with Marvel’s next major feature film “The Eternals” set to hit theaters on November 6.

Numerous other studios have also reacted to the coronavirus outbreak by pushing back release dates for upcoming films. “No Time to Die,” the latest James Bond movie, was pushed back from April to November and the new “Fast & the Furious” film “Fast 9” had it’s release date pushed back an entire year to April 2021.

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