Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Final Season Trailer Reveals First Look at Foolkiller (VIDEO)

The final season of ‘Jessica Jones’ is set to debut on Netflix on June 14 and the first full length trailer has been released featuring a look at the new villain…

‘Jessica Jones’ will come to a close with a third and final season that will signify the end of Marvel’s relationship with Netflix when it comes to original programming.

All of the other Marvel series produced by Netflix — ‘Daredevil’, ‘Luke Cage’, ‘Iron Fist’ and ‘The Punisher’ — have already been cancelled.

The third season of ‘Jessica Jones’ will now be its last while also serving as the final Marvel show to air on Netflix as Disney+ prepares to launch later this year with a whole new slate of Marvel series on the way.

The first full length trailer for the final season of ‘Jessica Jones’ landed on Thursday ahead of the debut on June 14 as the hard-drinking private investigator goes up against a new villain named Gregory Salinger, who was best known in the comic books as the psychopathic Foolkiller.

In comics, Foolkiller took up the moniker from another villain of the same name and it became his mission to murder anyone guilty of “materialism and mediocrity, or anyone who lacked “a poetic nature”.

It’s unclear how much of that origin story will carry over to the television series but it appears Salinger will be gunning for Jessica as soon as the season gets underway.

Check out the first trailer for the final season of ‘Jessica Jones’ now with all episodes landing on Netflix on June 14.

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