‘Mayans M.C.’ Recap ‘Gato/Mis’: The Bad Guys Don’t Win Forever

In the ‘Mayans M.C’ recap, EZ helps Coco’s daughter, Adelita strikes back at Miguel Galindo and an old adversary of the Sons of Anarchy arrives in Santo Padre…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

When ‘Mayans M.C.’ first launched, creator Kurt Sutter teased that there may be some characters who might crossover from ‘Sons of Anarchy’ but he would never mess with the mythology that he created over seven seasons on that series.

There have been some fun cameos including Robert Patrick returning as the president of the Sons of Anarchy charter in San Bernardino in the debut episode as well as Chucky — the two fingered lackey with a masturbation problem — who has become a regular face on the series since it started.

The latest offering of ‘Mayans M.C.’ titled ‘Gato/Mis’ brought back one of the great adversaries from ‘Sons of Anarchy’ in the closing moments of the episode.

Lincoln Potter (played by the great Ray McKinnon) — the U.S. assistant district attorney who first appeared during ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 4 — has made a return that will likely antagonize the Mayans and their relationship with the Galindo cartel.

A quick refresher on Lincoln Potter — he first appeared during ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 4 just after the guys in SAMCRO were released from prison on gun charges at the end of season 3. His mission was to tie the club back to RICO predicates that would allow him to use them to get to the IRA and hopefully the Galindo cartel as well.

Potter was ruthless and relentless with his pursuit of the club as he went after Otto in prison as part of his plan to bring down SAMCRO and he even used the fact that Juice’s biological father was African-American as leverage to flip him against his club.

In the end, Potter’s scheme to bring down SAMCRO was thwarted when he found out that two prominent members of the Galindo cartel were doubling as CIA operatives and they put an stop to his operation just before he planned to strike. When the season was finished, Potter left town without any arrests — although he did destroy Jacob Hale’s plans to build Charming Heights — but obviously he’s still on the job.

Considering the DEA is now going after the Galindo cartel with EZ Reyes as an informant, it appears Potter is back on the same mission as he was previously. He wants to bring down the Galindo cartel and he might be using the Mayans to do it.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Mayans M.C.’ titled ‘Gato/Mis’…

Don’t Call Me Daughter

In Mexico, Angel meets with Adelita and demands that she finally share with him the plans that she has to bring down the Galindo cartel because this ongoing war is starting to hit a little too close to home for him. Adelita agrees and privately tells Angel her real name and how she’s now responsible for thousands of lives as a result of this uprising against the cartel. We don’t get to see what she says to him beyond that but now Angel is part of Adelita’s inner circle in the war against Galindo.

Meanwhile back on the U.S. side of the border, Bishop is preparing another run from Santo Padre to Las Vegas with the cartel’s heroin and they decide to split up Angel and Coco, who they suspect might be the people responsible for leaking out information to Los Olvidados. Bishop tells Tranq to take Coco with him and he’ll keep an eye on Angel in hopes that they can find out both are loyal club members and they can put this mole business to bed once and for all.

When Angel, EZ and Coco arrive back at the scrap yard after visiting Mexico, they are greeted by Chucky who tells them that a visitor has arrived. Coco’s wayward daughter Leticia has returned and she needs help.

Unfortunately, Coco is called away on the run to Las Vegas so EZ volunteers to help her out while he’s gone on business. EZ soon finds out he’s got more than he bargained for with Leticia after she reveals bruises all over her neck and chest and then pops the trunk open on her grandmother’s car to reveal a dead body in the trunk.

It seems the trucker who gave her a ride a few days ago when she ran away beat her up when she took $10 from him to get some food. In retaliation, Leticia stabbed him to death with a screwdriver, pulled his body from the truck and put it in the back of her grandmother’s car for safe keeping.

Now she needs to get rid of it and EZ is the only one available to help her.

Sadly, EZ’s plan to dispose of the evidence in the truck goes south when a couple of truckers spot him in the cab and know he’s not the owner of the semi. A fight ensues, EZ defends himself but Leticia gets involved by stabbing one of the guys in the shoulder with another screwdriver.

To make matters worse when EZ hands off Leticia to Angel for safe keeping while he figures out what to do with the body, he gets pulled over by the cops. That’s when Leticia tells Angel that she forgot to mention she stole her grandmother’s car.

EZ is forced to go on the run with the cops in hot pursuit but thanks to some fast thinking and even faster driving, he avoids the police and he’s able to ditch the car while washing away any evidence that he was ever there.

When he goes back to the scrap yard, Coco has returned and he thanks EZ for helping out his daughter, especially considering everything that took place that day. Coco then reconnects with Leticia and explains that he’s not sure he’ll ever be a good father — he has two other kids with two other women and he put them out of his life so he doesn’t screw them up. Leticia tells him that she doesn’t need a father but when she thought he was her brother, that was something special because she’s never really had anyone in her life.

Coco and Leticia leave together as he finally finds some middle ground with his daughter.

The Exchange

Back at the Galindo house, Emily is poring over plans for Miguel’s expansion from Santo Padre down to the border in Mexico. Miguel has been putting pressure on the mayor of Santo Padre to approve his plans or he’ll cripple the town by pulling out his other business interests that keep the economy flowing. Emily wonders if this project isn’t a little too costly and perhaps it’s time to bow out rather than move forward.

Back down at the rebel compound, the little boy who has been acting as a Galindo spy spots a paper left by Adelita with coordinates to their location that are to be given to their allies in the area. The little boy steals the coordinates and passes the information along to the Galindo cartel when Adelita takes everybody into town to pass along the money that they made from selling the heroin to Cole’s drug running group last week.

As Miguel and his hit squad prepare to attack, he receives a call from Adelita with demands to finally get his son Cristobal back from captivity.

She demands a huge payment in cryptocurrency as a ransom and in exchange, Miguel will cross over the border into Mexico by himself where he will receive instructions on where to retrieve his son.

Miguel decides to go through with the ransom demands — taking Devante, his mother and Emily with him to the border — while sending Nestor and the hit squad to the coordinates of the rebel base. As soon as Miguel has his son returned to him unharmed, the hit squad is supposed to unleash hell on the rebels and wipe them off the map.

When Miguel arrives at the border, he crosses over and awaits the call. Adelita finally rings him after the cryptocurrency payment is made and she tells him where he can find his son.

Miguel is finally reunited with his child and he carries both of them back across the border but before he can make it to the U.S. side, he’s stopped by the cops to answer a few questions. Miguel is taken into holding where the border patrol examine the blanket that has been wrapped around his son as they were crossing from Mexico back into the United States.

The officer cuts open one of the panels in the blanket and he finds heroin hidden throughout. The entire ransom demand and exchange was a set up from the rebels to get Miguel Galindo implicated in his drug running schemes.

For all the brutal acts of violence that Miguel has either authorized or enacted himself, this was the best way for the rebels to finally get at him and now he’s going to be dealing with a messy legal situation as he’s been busted trying to carry a blanket filled with heroin back across the U.S. border.

As for the hit squad, they arrive at the coordinates where the rebels are supposed to be based but there’s nobody home. On a building nearby, Adelita watches them from a set of binoculars while revealing that she’s known the little boy in her camp has been a spy the entire time. Adelita knew that the food truck operator who the cartel burned alive as a message to the rebels only had one son and he died beside his father. She used the boy to set up the cartel and as revenge the little girl in her camp ends up pushing the kid off the side of the building and he falls to his death.

My Father’s Father

Felipe Reyes awakes to an interesting discovery on his front porch where he finds DEA agent Kevin Jimenez currently sitting and nursing a bottle of whiskey early in the morning.

The previous day, Felipe threatened Jimenez’s family as retribution after he threatened to expose his own secrets to EZ if his father didn’t get him on board with the plan to flip Emily Galindo against her husband. Jimenez is now frightened for his family’s life while the DEA is determined to bring down Galindo by any means necessary.

After sobering up, Jimenez shares a heart to heart with Felipe as he tells him more about his background with the police in Mexico where he lopped off heads and carried out extreme brutality in an effort to bring down the cartels. Felipe — previously known as Ignacio Cortina — left that life after his wife got pregnant with Angel and he was determined to bring them to America and leave his occupation behind.

Felipe tells Jimenez that he never wants to be that person again but threatening his family will reignite the fury that Ignacio Cortina carried out on a daily basis when he was working in Mexico.

He also tells the DEA agent that EZ would rather go back to prison than turn on Emily so he better come up with an alternative plan of attack or everybody is going to suffer in this deal.

Felipe is determined to protect his sons from ever knowing the truth about their father because he’s all they have left. We see in a series of flashbacks during this episode that EZ’s mother was killed in a store robbery and that’s when he gave chase to track down the person responsible but then accidentally shot a cop that landed him in prison.

Felipe failed his son once but he’s never going to do it again.

Lovely Night

Following an adventurous day with Coco’s daughter, EZ is cleaning up in the bathroom at the scrap yard when Bishop and Tranq return from their protection run to Las Vegas. They see Coco leaving with Leticia and they begin questioning Chucky about the girl. Coco made Chucky swear that he wouldn’t tell anybody about Leticia being his daughter so he’s rather cagey when he’s asked questions about her from Bishop and Tranq.

EZ overhears the entire conversation and realizes after Bishop and Tranq mention the name Adelita that they are fishing for information that could lead them to the rat sitting at the Mayan table who betrayed them and fed information to the rebels in the war against the Galindo cartel.

EZ runs back to tell his brother what’s happened, which puts Angel on high alert because he’s already started to worry that this rebel war could blow back on him in a massive way if he’s ever exposed. Now the club president is looking into those exact members as the potential rats who have been selling out the Galindo cartel to Los Olvidados.

There’s still a lot to figure out now that EZ and Angel know that Bishop and Tranq believe there’s a rat at the table. Felipe ends his day by letting Jimenez sleep on his couch while he keeps an eye outside with a shotgun close at hand. EZ writes in his journal and then closes up the scrap yard before heading home.

On his way out, EZ spots a man standing by a motorcycle across the street and he remarks what a lovely evening it is. EZ agrees before leaving and the man continues to stare at the building across the street.

That’s when Lincoln Potter is finally revealed.

He picks up a cat that roams through that scrap yard and he ponders what this little animal has scene behind those walls. Potter was always a curious character but one who was very single minded of purpose and willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Potter’s arrival in town explains why the DEA is suddenly so adamant about EZ flipping Emily to take down the Galindo cartel. He has unfinished business with them from several years ago and Potter won’t stop until the cartel is dead.

‘Mayans M.C.’ returns next Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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