‘Mayans M.C.’ Recap ‘Kukulkan’: The Reaper Arrives

In the ‘Mayans M.C.’ recap, SAMCRO travels south to broker a deal with the Mayans, Emily finds out some disturbing information and a meeting turns bloody as bullets fly…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

The latest episode of ‘Mayans M.C.’ brought a highly anticipated reunion together as several members of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original traveled south to help broker a deal to finally get the club out of gun running.

It was five years ago when Jax Teller gave his life after securing the future of SAMCRO when he handed off the gun business that had haunted the club for so many years by introducing the Mayans to his new friends from Ireland.

The idea was that SAMCRO would finally break ties with the real IRA after more than 20 years of working together in order to help lead his club into the 21st century and hopefully far away from the death and blood that followed them around almost every deal that was struck.

Unfortunately, as witnessed earlier this season when Happy arrived from Charming with a shipment of weapons, he told Chucky that the transition out of guns was taking longer than expected. The final move was supposed to be finished during the latest episode as SAMCRO president Filip “Chibs” Telford brought his crew south to meet with the Mayans to hopefully close the deal once and for all.

Sadly the meeting ended bloody with several people getting shot and at least one Mayan burned so badly he lost his sight.

Elsewhere this week, Potter put his thumb back down on the Reyes’ brothers while Miguel started to fight back by finding some leverage on the U.S. assistant district attorney who has been playing him like a violin ever since forcing him into a deal last season.

And finally, Emily digs into the Galindo family financial records in an effort to help EZ discover the person responsible for killing his mother and what she discovers leaves her gasping for air.

With that said, let’s get to our latest ‘Mayans M.C.’ recap for the episode titled ‘Kukulkan’…


As much as EZ and Angel Reyes have been living out from under the thumb of U.S. assistant district attorney Lincoln Potter for much of season 2 of ‘Mayans M.C.’, they were reminded of their obligation to him when a call came in summoning both of them to a meeting.

After arriving and dealing with Potter’s typical double speak and meandering, he finally gets to the point — he wants the Reyes’ brothers to provide him proof that Miguel Galindo is running a double cross on him while simultaneously working with the rebels in Los Olvidados. He can’t be sure how deep this betrayal goes but he’s confident that given the proper motivation, EZ and Angel will deliver.

The motivation is a threat to deport their father Felipe Reyes out of the country considering he’s living in the U.S. illegally after changing his name from Ignacio Cortina, who was a violent criminal in Mexico. He also reminds Angel that he has his beautiful Adelita in custody and without revealing everything, Potter essentially hints that he knows the baby she’s carrying is the next generation of the Reyes’ family.

That means if the Reyes’ brothers don’t want their father deported and Angel to never meet his child, they will find the proof that Potter needs to root out the perpetrators who have been betraying him all season long.

While EZ and Angel are stuck meeting with Potter, Miguel Galindo is orchestrating his own plan to get out from under his thumb.

Along with some help from Palomo — the Mexican politician who Potter sees as a threat — he’s able to track down the woman that his government handler cared so much about when he was previously stationed in Mexico. Earlier this season, Potter spoke Spanish while briefly referencing a woman he loved south of the border and thanks to Palomo’s research, Miguel was able to track her down.

To add extra fuel to the fire — the woman’s name is Sophia and she has a child that based on age would probably make Potter the father.

Miguel promises not to harm the woman or her child but he plans on using this as leverage against Potter to either secure his freedom from their deal or perhaps turn the tables on who holds the true power in this fragile partnership.

Book of Revelations

After handing over some numbers to Emily a week ago to have her do some research in the Galindo financial files, EZ gets a call to meet her to discuss what she’s found. Emily was able to match the numbers and dollar amounts to a pair of financial records tucked away in the Galindo archives, which leads EZ to confirm what he probably already knew.

EZ finally comes clean to Emily about the nature of this research after he discovered a hitman was hired to kill both his parents, Felipe and Marisol Reyes. Only Marisol was murdered as the hitman aka Happy was spooked and ran away before he could finish the job but EZ had a bad feeling that it traced back to his father’s previous work with Jose Galindo.

Emily then reveals that she knew Felipe worked for Galindo after finding his photo tucked away in her mother-in-law Dita’s bedroom. She can’t help but wonder the nature of Dita’s relationship with Felipe.

At this point, EZ just wants the proof to back up his belief that the Galindo cartel was responsible for his mother’s murder but Emily attempts to remind him that Miguel wasn’t involved in his father’s business before he died. In her estimation, there’s no way that Miguel played any part in this heinous murder and until she can prove it, she’s not handing over any evidence to EZ, which might lead to a blood war with her husband.

Meanwhile, Dita goes to her ‘therapy’ appointment where she once again engages in a rendezvous with Felipe. She confesses to loving him just as he once loved her but then Felipe turned his back on their relationship when he fell in love with Marisol.

Dita then tells Felipe that this is the last time they’ll be meeting while asking him never to reveal that he’s actually Miguel’s real father. Of course, Felipe has nothing to gain but plenty to lose by telling Miguel this information so he promises his former lover to keep things quiet.

Later that day, Emily returns to the storage locker where all of the Galindo financial files are kept as she digs a little deeper into those payments that were made that led to Marisol Reyes being murdered. As she digs through the checkbook, Emily finds that these payments were made through personal accounts but even she can’t believe her eyes when she finds the matching numbers to the ones EZ provider her.

The two checks written out match the exact amounts and file numbers cross referenced with EZ’s paperwork — and the signature on both belong to Dita Galindo.

It seems in her rage and jealousy over Felipe breaking off their affair and then fleeing to America with his new bride, she opted to get vengeance on both of them by paying to have them murdered.

Emily can’t tell this information to EZ because she knows he would erupt and potentially go after her entire family. She does manage to hint around with Dita about the past relationship she shared with Felipe, but the Galindo matriarch is quick to shut down her inquiry.

With nowhere else to turn, Emily takes a trip to Felipe’s butcher shop under the guise of buying steaks for dinner. While Felipe is wrapping the steaks, she quietly slips him the paperwork proving that Dita was the person who ordered the hit on both him and his wife. Felipe is forced to fight back the tears in that moment as he realizes that Dita ordered him killed but ultimately only murdered his wife as revenge for leaving her in Mexico.

As Emily prepares to leave, she sees Miguel’s car has pulled up outside. It didn’t take her long to notice that Miguel was having Nestor report back to him wherever she was going, which led to the clandestine meetings with EZ the past few times.

Unfortunately, Emily had no choice but to rush to meet with Felipe because she couldn’t possibly pass this information along to EZ.

Outside, Miguel’s suspicions continue to grow about what his wife is keeping from him while he taunts Felipe for finding away to always be around the women in his life. Felipe answers back by reminding him that he’s the only butcher in town before turning and walking away.

Obviously, Miguel knows there’s more going on with Emily and the Reyes family but it’s possible he believes it’s just an affair happening with her ex-boyfriend rather than the discovering that Dita Galindo was responsible for tearing their entire family apart. Either way, dinner at the Galindo house is going to be rather interesting tonight.

The Reaper Arrives

The Santo Padre chapter of the Mayans gets a call to attend a major meeting with the heads of all the local chapters along with representatives of the Sons of Anarchy, who are looking to finalize the deal that will get them out of the gun business once and for all.

As much as it might inconvenience the club considering everything else happening right now, Bishop, Coco and the rest of the leadership know how important it was to Jax Teller to make this happen and they want to honor his memory by following out one of his final requests.

The group sets the meeting for the Native American lodge where they met with the Galindo cartel a season ago so they can hopefully close terms on this deal.

Once they arrive, EZ is forced to deal with the fallout from earlier this season when he identified the leader of the Arizona charter who was cutting the heroin to make a bigger profit, which then lead to several deaths inside one of the prisons. EZ pointing him out forced the club to seek justice, which meant that member had to die.

Now two of his friends from the Tempe, Arizona charter are looking at EZ as a rat but he finally gets his revenge when Coco gives him permission to kick the shit out of the both of them.

Meanwhile inside, the Mayans await the arrival of the Sons of Anarchy, which is led by president ‘Chibs’ Telford along with Happy, Montez and Quinn.

He has some bad news to share with the group — it seems the Mendicino ports are closing down, which means the Irish have nowhere to bring their guns into northern California. That’s why Chibs needs to expedite this deal to find a new port as well as shifting responsibilities to the Mayans before the Irish get spooked and take their business elsewhere.

Thankfully, Chibs found an alternative by going through another M.C. in Tijuana, who control a port in Mexico and they will bring the guns over the border where the Mayans will then pick them up for transfer and sale. Chibs then reveals the club is Vatos Malditos — the same club that invaded Mayan territory last week, which ended with nine of their members gunned down after the club shut down their coyote business.

Vatos Malditos are on their way to the meeting but didn’t mention anything about a beef with the Mayans when Montez brokered the arrangement. Chibs believes this can all be sorted out through a deal that will see everybody at this table get paid.

Of course, the leaders of Vatos Malditos are none too happy to team up with the club that just gunned down nine of their members. The Mayans aren’t much happier when asked to work with a rival M.C. that had just recently invaded their territory and set up shop for a coyote business that saw huge numbers of immigrants cheated and treated like garbage.

Tensions nearly boil over but Chibs is able to come up with terms agreeable to all sides including cutting into SAMCRO’s percentage to ensure the transition is smooth between everybody. In the end, Vatos Malditos agree to the arrangement with the Mayans picking up the guns from them at the border and bringing them back to the U.S.

As he prepares to ride back to Charming, Chibs tells Bishop that ‘Jackie Boy’ would be proud that this deal got done — and every ‘Sons of Anarchy’ fan rolled a tear at that mention. Chibs and the rest of the Sons of Anarchy ride off with the deal concluded so they can now officially get out of the gun business.

Or not…

Later that night as the Mayans celebrate their new partnership, Vatos Malditos strike back with an orchestrated hit at the Native American hotel and casino. They start by throwing a Molotov cocktail at one of the bikes, which sets it on fire and brings the Mayans pouring out of the hotel. The Vatos’ then open fire with machine guns from an awaiting van at the end of the parkway drive.

Inside, more Vatos burst through the doors and they begin firing weapons as well with Riz taking at least three bullets to the chest and abdomen. Outside, the Vatos continue to fire away while throwing another Molotov cocktail that catches Coco on fire as EZ and the rest of the guys rush to put out the flames.

Several security guards are also killed during the gun battle, which ends with the Vatos Malditos driving away in great haste.

When it’s all said and done, Riz is barely clinning onto life and Coco tells his brothers that he’s gone blind after being burned by the fire.

Needless to say the gun deal brokered that day is dead, which puts SAMCRO right back where they started while the Mayans are certainly going to demand bloody payback to avenge their fallen brothers after the Vatos Malditos double crossed them.

Only two episodes remain this season and it’s safe to assume the penultimate episode of ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 is going to get even bloodier. The new episode airs next Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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