‘Mayans M.C.’ Recap ‘Muluc’: The Devil We Know

In the ‘Mayans M.C.’ recap, Marcus Alvarez gets kidnapped and the club goes on the hunt to find him while Emily turns to an old friend for help…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

It’s hard to put out an old flame.

The tension between EZ Reyes and his ex-girlfriend Emily has been simmering under the surface ever since the first episode of ‘Mayans M.C.’ but their past relationship took a backseat for most of the first season and thus far all of the second until Tuesday night.

In the latest episode, Emily was forced to call upon EZ for help after her husband Miguel lashed out at her for crossing over into his other business where things get awfully bloody. Unfortunately, EZ was forced to get his hands dirty to assist Emily with what she needed, which will only further complicate their already complicated relationship.

This week also saw the mercenary team that was hired to root out the rebels in Mexico strike back after another of their members was killed in an attempted rescue of Adelita. Acting outside of Lincoln Potter’s orders, the mercenary team decided to get answers from the person they believed would know everything — Miguel Galindo’s right hand, Marcus Alvarez.

Of course, the mercenaries failed to realize Alvarez is not only Galindo’s chief of security but he’s one of the founding members of the Mayans Motorcycle Club, which put targets on the backs of these veterans from a whole lot of outlaws.

And the latest episode also saw the return of Happy Lowman, who traveled south to Santo Padre to provide some additional information to the Reyes’ brothers about the hit that was ordered to kill both of their parents.

With that said, let’s dig into our latest recap of ‘Mayans M.C.’ for the new episode titled ‘Muluc’…

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Bloody

In the wake of the Mayans attacking the convoy carrying Adelita to the United States, another member of the mercenary crew hired to transport her was killed along with an agent working under direct orders from U.S. assistant district attorney Lincoln Potter. While the ambush worked, Adelita was ultimately left behind after she told her M.C. rescue party that she had to stay in captivity in order for the real work being done in Mexico to go forward. If she’s behind bars, the authorities have one less person to go after while the rebel faction she left behind can start enacting real change in her absence.

Unfortunately, Adelita’s attempted rescue still cost two more lives and the mercenaries want payback because that’s four members of their team who have been slaughtered while working this particular mission in Mexico.

In order to find out who was behind the rescue mission, Hobart and his team of mercenaries ambush Marcus Alvarez and his security detail, taking him captive and putting bullets into the two men with him. As they make their getaway, Nestor — Miguel Galindo’s other long time security enforcer — gives chase but he ends up being run off the road by the mercenary crew as they rush off to begin interrogating Alvarez to find out what he knows about the attack on their crew that got another member killed.

Back in Santo Padre, Angel is still dealing with the loss of Adelita and by extension his child being taken away from him, possibly forever. EZ kept a watchful eye on him but his brother has learned how to compartmentalize his pain over the years. The Reyes’ brothers head into the clubhouse where Chucky has a message awaiting EZ for a rendezvous with a member of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original.

Outside, EZ and Angel meet up with Happy, who has made the trip down from Charming with some additional information about the contract put out on their parents. Through bookkeeping, Packer — the president of the Sons of Anarchy chapter in San Bernardino —kept coded records of all the jobs the club has carried out over the years.

The one involving the hit on the Reyes’ family included a Western Union transfer for funds that came from Sonora, Mexico. At that point in time, the Galindo cartel was already in bed with the U.S. government (as witnessed throughout ‘Sons of Anarchy’ from season 4 and beyond) but they were also warring with a rival faction — Lobos Sonora. A huge part of the Sons of Anarchy involvement selling guns to the Galindo cartel was to help them battle back against the Lobos Sonora cartel.

That means the hit could have come from Galindo or it could have come from Lobos Sonora as well. At least now the Reyes brothers have one more lead to follow as they continue to hunt down the people responsible for ordering the hit that got their mother killed.

Their time speaking to Happy gets cut short after Bishop calls them out to ride along to meet up with Miguel Galindo, who has just been informed that Marcus has been kidnapped. Happy decides to ride along and show his support because Alvarez is involved — he adds, it’s what Jax Teller would have wanted.

Meanwhile, Emily is dealing with problems of her own after her old high school friend Ileana gave her a call to warn her about a problem coming up with the planned agro-park project. It seems despite her inside information, the city planner is prepared to reward the contract to a Chinese consortium, who came in at the last minute with a higher offer and lower tax credits in order to secure the bid.

That means somebody else from inside the city planner’s office is selling the Chinese secrets, which means Emily’s bid will go down in flames when the city council announces the winner 24 hours later.

Of course, Ileana is feeling guilty about getting involved with Emily’s dirty politics in the first place but she’s not willing to turn down the money she’s being paid to provide information. Sadly, Ileana unwittingly reveals that the only other person who could have found the information to pass along to the Chinese bidders would have been her assistant Marlin, who has access to all of the records in her office.

Emily will now be forced to find a way to ensure Marlin is exposed and the Chinese bid is dejected so she will ultimately get the contract to build the agro-park.

And finally there’s Lincoln Potter, who is vexed at the events that unfolded just recently that saw another of his agents killed yet Adelita didn’t actually escape. She’s since been brought to San Diego for questioning, which is where he will plan to set up shop for the immediate future. Still, Potter can’t quite figure out why someone would lead a rescue mission yet leave behind the person they were so desperate to set free.

He knows it wasn’t the Galindo cartel because he had his thumb on them the entire time just waiting to see if Miguel betrayed him. He knows it wasn’t Los Olvidados because the rebels would have given their lives in order to free Adelita. That eliminates two major suspects, which leads Potter to look towards a third potential option.

The Devil We Know

The Mayans meet up with Miguel Galindo and his crew, who have retrieved Nestor after his car was crashed by the mercenaries. They begin eliminating potential suspects involved in Alvarez’s kidnapping but it doesn’t take long for Miguel to figure out that it’s got to be the devil they know — the mercenary crew hired by Potter to root out the rebels in Mexico.

The only problem is the mercenaries are all ex-military, which means they are undoubtedly tactical in the way they kidnapped Alvarez and where they are keeping him while trying to exact information. The club starts digging into the stolen tow truck used in the extraction plan after Nestor is able to remember a few digits of a hidden phone number that was exposed in the crack that took him out.

As the crews continue to search for answers, Emily shows up to talk to her husband but Miguel lashes out at her for showing up while he’s handling the business that gets him bloody. He’s done everything possible to keep those two worlds separate and he screams at Emily to get out while he continues to search for answers to find Alvarez.

At the hideout where the mercenaries are keeping Alvarez, they wear masks while torturing the former Mayans’ founder in an attempt to exact information. He’s severely beaten, water boarded and eventually the mercenaries start pulling off finger nails until Alvarez finally can’t take anymore.

He agrees to give the mercenaries the names of two brothers responsible for the ambush on Adelita’s convoy. The mercenaries text the numbers given to them by Alvarez while they await a response to see if he’s telling the truth or just putting off his inevitable death.

The text messages go to a pair of burner phones belonging to Miguel Galindo and the Mayans and it doesn’t take them long to decode what Alvarez sent to them. Translating the Spanish name given to the mercenaries, the Mayans figure out that Alvarez was saying ‘windmill’, which means he spotted wind turbines outside of the building where he’s being held hostage.

Between that information and the search of phone numbers matching the few digits Nestor was able to capture from the stolen tow truck, the Mayans are able to figure out the location where the mercenaries must be holding Alvarez.

Miguel Galindo joins the Mayans on the mission to rescue ‘El Padrino’ with Coco putting his sniper skills to the test as he takes out two guards outside the building before the joined forces storm inside to take out the rest of the mercenaries.

The club is successful as the last members of the mercenary crew are killed and Alvarez is rescued. The last man standing is Hobart, who was shot but not killed just yet — at least until EZ hands Alvarez a wrench that he uses to bash in the head of the man who kidnapped and tortured him.

Alvarez is carried back to safety where he receives the medical care necessary to treat his wounds. He pays credit to Nestor for risking his life to help track him down and save him, which gets a somewhat envious look from Bishop, who has been Alvarez’s closest confidant for years.


Before he headed off to rescue Alvarez, EZ gets a call from Emily asking to meet him at his father’s butcher shop. There she asks him to help her secure the agro-park contract by going to pay a visit to Ileana’s assistant and threatening him with leverage that the cops will be called unless he admits to rigging the bid to help the Chinese secure the contract.

Emily says she understood why Miguel lashed out at her because he doesn’t want to get her hands dirty yet now she’s turning to her ex-boyfriend and current Mayans prospect to get the job done. EZ agrees to help after he finishes the mission to rescue Alvarez.

Later that night, EZ and Angel finish up their business with Happy, who hopes that the beef between them is settled now that he’s provided additional information to lead them to the person responsible for trying to have both of their parents murdered. Afterwards, EZ says he’s going to check on their father but in reality he heads over to Marlin’s house to strong-arm him into giving up the Chinese consortium that will take away the agro-park project from Emily.

When he arrives, EZ is somewhat stunned to find out that Marlin already knows him — it seems the city planning assistant came up behind him on the Santo Padre baseball team when he was a senior and a star pitcher. Once inside the house, EZ finally comes clean with why he paid a visit — Marlin has been discovered as the inside man at the city planning office and he needs to turn over the information that will disqualify the Chinese bidders, who paid him enough money so he could afford a brand new car and a condo.

Marlin refuses at first but after a not so subtle threat from EZ, he opts to hand over his phone and computer so they can search for the records. Instead of giving the computer, Marlon reaches for a gun hidden in his desk and EZ recognizes what he’s doing as the two immediately begin struggling for the weapon.

Just Marlin slips free of EZ’s grasp, he falls backwards and the gun goes off — blowing his head off in the process. By all appearances, Marlin shot himself in the chin and took his own life but no matter what, EZ knows that he showed up on Emily’s request and now somebody else is dead.

This death will only bring more eyes to a project that was supposed to be handled without any criminal involvement but now Emily has paid off friends to get inside information and a city planner’s assistant has been murdered.

And finally, Lincoln Potter ends his day by calling Hobart and the mercenaries for an update but no one is answering their phone. After several rings, Potter begins to realize Hobart is never going to answer again and he starts putting together the puzzle pieces on who must have executed the mercenaries as well as attempted to rescue Adelita before leaving her behind.

As he exits his office, Potter hands over a note to his agent telling her to dig into a pair of names and bring back whatever information she finds. The two names on the list are the same person — Felipe Reyes and Ignacio Cortina.

Potter is already sitting on Miguel Galindo’s couch with his feet up on the coffee table but now it appears he’s ready to bust into the Reyes’ home as well as he continues to search for answers in the rebel uprising as well as attempting to figure out who exactly has been betraying him.

‘Mayans M.C.’ returns with a brand new episode next Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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