‘Mayans M.C.’ Recap ‘Murcielago/Zotz’: The Devil You Know

In the ‘Mayans M.C.’ recap, Bishop helps local law enforcement track down some new drug dealers in town and the DEA ramps up pressure on EZ to deliver…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

If there’s been a recurring theme thus far during the first season of ‘Mayans M.C.’ it’s that everybody on this show has a few skeletons in their closet.

Actually judging by the latest revelation about Felipe Reyes, it would seem that the majority of these characters are carrying around graveyards filled with secrets they’d rather keep buried.

Following last week’s episode where Miguel Galindo transformed into Qyburn from ‘Game of Thrones’ as he began employing a network of child spies to help him track down the rebels who kidnapped his son. That plan began to bear fruit as one of the kids recruited into the cartel’s war actually ended up with the rebels and now he’s putting Miguel one step closer to retrieving his son and wiping out Los Olividados for good.

Meanwhile, the Mayans get pulled into a local dispute between a vigilante group doing some head hunting at the border that ends up as a drug muling operation.

As for the DEA, they’ve started to put the pieces together on the brewing war between the cartel and the rebels and they see this as the perfect opportunity to strike back but they need EZ to deliver on a major asset that will help them bring down Galindo once and for all.

Sadly for EZ to come through for the DEA, he’s going to have to betray his club and he woman he loves.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Mayans M.C.’ titled ‘Murcielago/Zotz’…

The Devil You Know

As the guys try to enjoy a little rest and relaxation at a local brothel, they begin hearing shots ring out in the middle of the night. According to the madam, local groups like to keep watch on the border and take out anybody trying to cross illegally while shooting at them with high powered hunting rifles.

As inhumane as that sounds, nobody seems to care much until the mayor of Santo Padre is called into the scene the next morning as local authorities discover that the person shot and killed the night before was carrying Oxycontin across the border. That’s a much bigger problem when it comes to drug running as the town essentially turns the other way for the M.C. and the cartel under the agreement that nobody else will be dealing in Santo Padre.

That puts Bishop and the Mayans on the case to find out who’s doing the shooting and who is trying to get involved in the drug trade on their turf.

The first lead takes them to a local group led by a woman named Alice and her son Dennis — they are the Santo Padre version of the Minuteman Project as they watch the border and take down anybody trying to cross illegally. The conversation is tense but Alice promises that her boys don’t have anything to do with the drug trade so the M.C. is looking at the wrong people.

That’s when EZ spots a gigantic guy wearing camouflage pants that he remembers a shot caller from his time spent in Stockton prison. EZ remembers him as ex-military rather than an Aryan but that’s all the club needs to know to keep an eye on him while watching this compound as well because somebody is dealing in the Mayans’ backyard.

The search eventually leads the crew to a local bar where they find Dennis and the giant shot caller and they are warned to just turn and walk away. That doesn’t sit well with Angel and the rest of the crew so they end up in a full on brawl in the middle of the street but they come away with nothing in terms of information about the people moving drugs after the local authorities are called to the scene.

Back at the clubhouse, Bishop and the rest of the crew decide to do a little hunting of their own later that night with full Kevlar and rifles to see if they can catch this border patrol in action.

Unfortunately the Mayans get the surprise of a lifetime when they show up at the compound and it appears nobody is at home. A few moments later, automatic gun fire comes blasting from inside the house before Dennis eventually emerges and makes a run for it. Angel, EZ and Coco give chase while Bishop and the rest of the club go inside the house to search for answers.

When they get inside, the club finds a massacre — everybody has been gunned down except Alice is missing and Dennis is trying to escape. Whoever these people got into bed with after killing the drug mule is looking to wipe them out before they can talk.

Meanwhile, Angel, EZ and Coco finally catch up with Dennis after shooting him in the back as he continued to run away from them. Dennis tries to warn them that they don’t want anything to do with Cole — the military ex-prisoner shot caller, who is apparently making waves on the local drug scene. Angel’s heard enough and he puts a bullet in Dennis’ head despite Bishop’s orders that the club needs him alive.

Angel has an idea that Cole might be the perfect fence to sell the six kilos of heroin they have left from the original raid from the rebels when they hit the club while transporting drugs for the cartel. Last week saw Angel’s previous contact with the Chinese get gunned down after he was discovered running his own independent drug ring.

Angel ends up lying to Bishop, telling him that Dennis escaped so they got no information out of him. Bishop decides it’s best to burn all the bodies and cover this up rather than report the slaughter of this illegal border patrol to the authorities.

As for Angel, he knows that the only way the rebels survive is with the money they make from selling this heroin and they are starting to run out of time. Angel believes Cole might just be the savior they need right now and dealing with the devil you know for the greater good might be the only way they can continue to fund this operation.

Thanks to a severed finger cut from Dennis’ hand, Angel gets access to his phone and gets the contact information for Cole so they can try to set up a meeting to sell the heroin.

Finally, EZ and Coco are digging a grave to bury Dennis’ body when they crash through the ground and find themselves in a massive tunnel that was hidden underneath. There’s no telling where this goes or who was using it but they likely just stumbled on another network that was going back and forth between the United States and Mexico.

Don’t Call Me Daughter

A couple of weeks ago, Coco got a message that his little sister was shooting porn videos for a local distributor until they found out she was underage. Coco played it off by explaining that he only has two sisters, both older than him and neither one worth seeing have sex on film.

Of course we find out later on that Coco does know the girl in question and he ends up tracking down his mom, who is a prostitute on the streets of Santo Padre. This week, Coco gets a note from Chucky (who makes his return as well) that a woman was trying to track him down and she wasn’t very friendly.

Coco eventually meets up with his mom and the girl who was claiming to be his little sister. She’s one step away from being the ‘cash me outside girl’ by the way she’s rebelling against her mother and Coco can’t seem to find a way to coexist with his family. To make matters worse, he tries to reconnect with Leticia but she’s not interested in having her ‘big brother’ interfere in her life.

As she bolts out of the diner, Coco’s mother reveals that Leticia is actually his daughter rather than his sister. He was going away to prison and he gave Leticia to his mother to raise since he was being put behind bars for the next five years.

Coco goes outside to talk to Leticia in an attempt to mend fences but then his mother blows the entire thing to smithereens when she storms out and reveals the family secret before tearing out in her car. Leticia finds out that her brother is actually her father and she runs away, jumps into a tractor-trailer and offers sexual favors as a way to get a ride out of town.

This family drama is just getting started.

Who Is Felipe Reyes?

The DEA is really starting to breathe down the neck of the Reyes family in an attempt to get more information out of EZ as they continue to move towards bringing down the Galindo cartel. Felipe is doing his best to protect his son from getting crushed under the weight of the informant agreement he signed but the DEA isn’t going to let up until they get what they want.

It turns out Agent Kevin Jimenez isn’t such a bad guy after all but now his boss is getting involved in the case after they discover that Miguel Galindo’s son has been kidnapped and they believe they can use this to help bring down the cartel. Jimenez’s boss is insisting that they get EZ to flip Miguel Galindo’s wife Emily so she will testify against her husband. He then tells Jimenez to get EZ to agree to the move or pull his deal and send him back to prison to serve the rest of his sentence. His boss also passes along a file on Felipe Reyes as extra information to use if EZ resists.

When Jimenez finally meets with EZ he lays out the new plan — he will convince Emily to turn on Miguel and that will help the DEA bring down the Galindo cartel. Needless to say, EZ doesn’t like the idea and he tells Jimenez to go ahead and send him back to prison because he’s never going to do anything that would hurt Emily.

Unfortunately that means Jimenez has to pull out his ace card when he pays a visit to Felipe Reyes at home. Jimenez hands over the file that his boss had on Felipe and it seems before he arrived in the United States in 1985, there is no history whatsoever that ‘Felipe Reyes’ even exists. In fact, a search of Felipe’s social security number reveals a woman who died back in 1985 — the same year he arrived in the U.S.

Jimenez tells Felipe to get his son on board with this plan or he’ll contact Mexican authorities and have them do a search based on facial recognition to find out the truth about his history.

Felipe then goes into his garage where he retrieves a lockbox. Inside, Felipe pulls out a birth certificate that reveals the name ‘Ignacio Cortina’ and he was born in 1951. It seems Felipe is really Ignacio but to make matters even stranger, he then digs through some old pictures that were buried in this lockbox as well.

There we find out that Felipe was a soldier of some kind in Mexico with one photo showing him posing with a friend while they stand overtop of three severed heads.

Felipe then locks up the information that Jimenez handed him and he puts the lockbox back into the cabinet.

Obviously, Felipe is holding onto some rather nasty secrets from his past including the fact that his name isn’t even the one his sons know him by. Felipe was involved in some kind of military in Mexico, perhaps even working with the cartels, and now the DEA is threatening to expose his secrets unless he can get EZ on board with flipping Emily to work against her husband.

Hearts and Minds

As Miguel continues to wait for his spy army to feed him information on the rebels, Emily is getting tired of waiting on the sidelines while her son is still missing. She decides to play her part by explaining to Miguel and Devante that what the rebels are doing is no different than what the Taliban or ISIS did overseas.

The rebels are acting as saviors while painting the cartel as the devils. They get the local people on their side and then this leads to recruiting, which eventually makes them so potent that the powers that be can no longer maintain control.

Emily suggests that Miguel come after the rebels from a different perspective rather than just brute force and violence. With a local religious festival coming up soon, Emily instructs her husband to sponsor the event and participate alongside the locals while setting up the rebels in some way that will make them look bad so he can swoop in like a hero and save the day.

As for the rebels, Adelita is forced to take Cristobal to a local nun for some medical care due to an ear infection and the little boy she picked up last week comes along for the ride. Little does she know that this little boy is actually a spy for Miguel Galindo.

The boy is rather slick with how he spies on Adelita before taking a short video that shows her with the baby and then sends it off to the leader of Miguel’s hit squad. When Miguel gets the video, he finds out the leader of Los Olvidados is a woman named Adelita and now he’s closer than ever before to getting his son back as they identify the nuns helping them with medical care.

Finally at the religious festival, Miguel and Emily join the crowd in celebrating as they walk through the town square back to the church. When the priest finally walks into the church with his parishioners, they are shocked to see the entire place in ruins with Los Olvidados’ fliers plastered all over the place.

The most disturbing moment comes when they find one of the nuns carved up — her face cut up and eyes gouged out — along with a ‘message’ from the rebels. Obviously this was all Miguel’s doing but Emily runs inside to see what happened when the crowd begins stampeding back out of the church. Emily ends up getting caught in the melee as she’s knocked to the ground and trampled as people try to get out of the church.

When Miguel finally makes it to her, Emily is cut up, bleeding and unconscious as he picks his wife up from the ground and takes her for medical care.

Emily’s plan involved Miguel turning the local people back to his favor through their hearts and minds rather than through violence. But Miguel only knows one way to get what he wants and that’s through blood — but his plans have all backfired with his own family being cut to the bone with his son kidnapped and now his wife left unconscious and bleeding.

‘Mayans M.C.’ will return with a brand new episode next Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on FX


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