‘Mayans M.C.’ Recap ‘Serpiente/Chikchan’: My Brother’s Keeper

In the ‘Mayans M.C.’ recap, EZ’s secret is finally exposed, Lincoln Potter makes his next move and Miguel Galindo orchestrates a new partnership…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

It was only a matter of time before EZ Reyes’ secret was finally exposed.

To get out of prison early after shooting a cop while pursuing the person he thought murdered his mother, EZ struck a deal with the DEA that would require him to feed them information to bring down the Galindo cartel.

In exchange, EZ would earn enough points with the DEA so that he could walk away from his previous charges and get back to the life he thought he’d have before going to prison.

Unfortunately in the ever changing game of American politics and the interests of those in law enforcement, EZ’s usefulness has altered dramatically over the past couple of weeks but he still has a certain skill set and that’s what U.S. assistant district attorney Lincoln Potter hopes to expose now that he has his thumb on the ex-con.

For weeks, the authorities have been threatening to reveal EZ’s secret informant deal to the people closest to him, all but assuring his death but Potter is much more calculating than that. Rather than telling everybody that EZ is a rat, Potter just needed to tell the right person so that he would maintain his leverage and still have an informant worth keeping on his books.

Potter made that play this week while Miguel Galindo was setting up his own network after striking a deal with the Justice Department last week and previously setting up a partnership with the rebels in Los Olvidados just a day earlier than that. Miguel has been reacting to everything that’s happened to him thus far this season — from his drug shipment being jacked to his son being kidnapped.

Now Miguel is proactive in striking back at his enemies while earning the trust of the people he values most in his life — and showing just how ruthless he can be to get what he wants.

There was a lot to unpack with this latest episode of ‘Mayans M.C.’ so with that let’s recap ‘Serpiente/Chikchan’…

My Brother’s Keeper

Last week saw Angel and EZ being arrested after they were pulled over for a busted tail light only for the cops to open the trunk and find Coco’s dead mother wrapped up in a rug. That obviously landed the Reyes’ brothers in jail and as much as they might have the Santo Padre police in their pocket, this is one situation that won’t just go away with a little extra money being handed over.

Instead, the case is completely taken away from the Santo Padre police because Lincoln Potter found out about the arrest and he has other ideas for EZ and Angel.

When he arrives in jail, Potter wastes no time exposing EZ’s secret — that he agreed to be a DEA informant to feed them information about the Galindo cartel in exchange for an early release from prison. Angel is stunned to hear this news because he not only trusted his brother but he vouched for him to become a member of the Mayans after he was released.

Potter continued by telling the brothers that EZ’s deal has all but evaporated because his relationship with the Galindo cartel has also changed. Potter reveals that he’s struck a partnership with Miguel Galindo so that they can crush the uprising in Mexico together and he no longer needs EZ to feed him information on the cartel.

Thankfully, Potter has another option for EZ to stay in his good graces or he could have his deal exposed, go back to prison and likely wait for the day when someone shoves a knife into his back for being a rat.

Potter’s plan was also carefully executed to only tell Angel about EZ being an informant because now he’s got both Reyes’ brothers on the hook. See, Angel vouched for his brother with the M.C. and if they find out that EZ was a rat, both of them will be killed without question.

So now Potter is getting two for the price of one and he expects EZ and Angel to follow his orders and carry out a piece of work that will be perfectly suited for them. They have no idea what that job might be but Potter seems rather pleased with himself while holding life or death knowledge over the heads of both EZ and Angel.

Before leaving, Potter does manage to tell Angel that his brother would only sign onto become an informant if they added a familiar clause that would prevent the Federal government from going after his family or the Mayans as part of helping them build a case against Galindo.

The two brothers are immediately released from jail while Potter holds onto the dead body found in the trunk of their car as insurance just in case they get any ideas about flipping on the deal that was just made.

Before they can make it home, EZ pleads with his brother to let him explain but Angel isn’t interested in hearing anymore of his lies. Instead, Angel stops the car, beats the hell out of EZ and admonishes him for all the lies and distrust that could get them both killed. He then hops back into the car and drives away while leaving his brother on the side of the road.

In the distance, a satisfied Lincoln Potter watches over them with a smirk on his face, pleased to know that Angel didn’t kill EZ, which means they are going to follow through with whatever orders he gives them.

Back at home, Felipe Reyes wakes up to hear something stirring in his house but when he wanders into the living room he finds Angel gazing over a pile of baseball trophies won by his little brother. Angel then tells his father that he knows about the DEA deal that EZ struck and that Felipe has known about it ever since he was released from prison. Angel is not only upset with his father for that betrayal but for time and time again taking EZ’s side rather than his no matter the situation.

Felipe attempts to explain that EZ had no choice — if he didn’t take the deal, chances are he was going to die in prison because cop killers don’t get released and if they do, it’s rarely with any chance to start a new life on the outside. Becoming a DEA informant was the only way for EZ to break free of his past crime but he required Felipe’s advice before he would sign on the dotted line, which is how his father got tangled in this entire mess.

Angel believes his father was always looking out for EZ’s best interests but it was never the same for his oldest child. Felipe says that he knew Angel was going to walk his own path and was more than capable of taking care of himself.

Felipe tells his son that he never wanted the situation to go this far but as violence escalated at the border, he knew that would only draw EZ in deeper and deeper with the Federal government. That’s when it clicks in Angel’s head about something that Potter told him while he was still in jail with EZ.

Potter mentioned how his relationship with Galindo had changed and that they were now working together against the agents of dissent. Angel now realizes that Potter was talking about Los Olvidados — the government is going after the rebels and he makes a quick exit to find Adelita to warn her about the storm that’s headed her way.

Rebel Alliance

Following his meeting with Lincoln Potter where he struck a deal to work with the government, Miguel Galindo and his wife Emily return home to find their place in shambles thanks to the rather intrusive investigation that was done. Papers were strewn all over the house including a lot of private documents that will require cleaning up.

Meanwhile, Miguel decides to tell Devante his plans now that he’s in bed with the U.S. government just like his father was a decade ago. Miguel tells Devante that he also struck a deal with Los Olvidados and he plans on using their combined forces to manipulate the governments in both the U.S. and Mexico.

Miguel refuses to suffer under the thumb of the U.S. government the same way his father did for years when he was partnered with the CIA. Devante warns against this plan of action because he saw the cause and effect of what happened with his father Jose Galindo was engaged in a similar deal.

Devante prefers that Miguel work with the Federal government and spurn the relationship he started with Los Olvidados. Miguel promises to think about it while he’s putting his house back together.

That’s when Miguel finds some medical information regarding his older brother Cristobal, who passed away before he was born. Remember, Devante and Miguel’s mother told him earlier in the season that the story concocted about Cristobal dying of pneumonia was all a lie to cover up that his brother was kidnapped and murdered by Jose Galindo’s former partner. They were trying to convince Miguel that perhaps he should sacrifice his own son rather than bargain with the rebels who took him.

As for Angel, he makes it down to Mexico but arrives at the rebel camp and finds out that Adelita and all of her people are gone. When he returns to the U.S. he sits down with Coco and Gilly to tell them this shocking bit of news but that’s when they are called away to an even more important meeting.

Miguel Galindo has summoned the Mayans to meet him at the Casino in Nevada for an important sit down that will drastically change the course of their relationship forever. At the same time, Adelita arrives at the church where Bishop Rodrigo — the priest who betrayed her family and sold them out to the cartel — is currently serving.

Her arrival is met by Nestor and Miguel Galindo’s hit squad.

Back at the casino, all parties arrive for the meeting where Miguel Galindo lays out his plans for the future. He explains to the Mayans how the government held him on a trumped up homeland security charge to ultimately trap him in a deal similar to the one his father signed 10 years ago.

Miguel then reveals that before he signed this deal with the U.S. government that he struck an even better partnership with the leader of Los Olvidados and with that he introduces Luisa Espina aka Adelita to the group in the room.

Adelita explains that her rebels are no longer at odds with the cartel and instead they will work together to cut through the bureaucracy that has stepped on the less fortunate people in Mexico for years. Together, the Galindo cartel and Los Olvidados will work together to create an impenetrable organization with increased drug trade and trafficking while providing for the less fortunate and giving their people a real future — one not stained with violence and upheaval.

As part of this new deal, Miguel asks the Mayans Motorcycle Club to act as brokers — the middle man between the two organizations to ensure that everybody involved follows through with their plans and keeps both parties honest with their dealings. Miguel then has Emily lay out the plans to everybody involved so they can start to imagine what the future will look like with the cartel and the rebels on the same team.

After the meeting is concluded, everybody seems pleased with the new structure in place. Marcus Alvarez is proud that Bishop helped maintain these relationships, which will now mean a much bigger profit for the club. Angel, Gilly and Coco have to pretend they’ve never met Adelita before now but they seems pleased to know that the bloodshed is finished and now it’s all about the profits they’ll reap in this relationship with the cartel.

Miguel has one more piece of business to handle so he exits along with Marcus and his right hand man Devante.

As for EZ, he was allowed to stay and observe the meeting where he also got a look at the plans laid out by Miguel Galindo to betray the government and team up with Los Olvidados. EZ has a photographic memory so he even glances at the plans written up by Emily that served as a constitution of sorts for this new partnership.

As he’s left to clean up the room, EZ is confronted by Emily, who then reveals that she knows about his deal with the DEA. EZ is shocked yet again that more people know about this secret, which only increases the chances that he won’t make it out of this deal alive. Emily then offers EZ a warning not to do anything to harm her family because he won’t want her to be forced to choose between him and her husband and child.

EZ has seemingly lost the trust of the people he loved most and it’s going to take a lot to earn that back.

A Matter of Trust

Miguel drives out into an abandoned part of town while revealing to Devante that he knows the truth about Cristobal. Those medical documents that were unearthed during the government search of his house proved that his brother actually did die of pneumonia — he was never kidnapped much less sacrificed by his father as part of the cartel’s business. That betrayal was more than enough for Miguel to want Devante dead but he has other plans for him.

When they arrive at a condemned construction site, Miguel introduces Devante to Adelita again but this time filling him in on her back story. He tells Devante about the priest who betrayed the Espina family by telling Jose Galindo about her father stealing money from him. From there, Adelita’s entire family was butchered, chopped up into pieces and her father was beheaded.

The man who swung the sword that day was an eager lieutenant in the Galindo army — and his name was Devante Cano.

Miguel has now handed Devante over to Adelita so she can exact her revenge and by decapitating the man who killed her family, she knows that this partnership is one built on trust. Devante’s betrayal was never going to be forgiven and ultimately his past actions cost him his head.


Following his outburst last week where he promised to expose secrets if EZ was outed as an informant, Agent Kevin Jimenez has been relieved of his duties at the DEA. He comes back to clear out his desk only to find the entire office has been uprooted as the agency obviously already went through everything to ensure he left with nothing.

Jimenez says his goodbyes to his fellow agents as he leaves to go up north to San Joaquin to spend time with his wife and child now that his job is gone. As for the DEA, Jimenez’s former partner and their boss Bowen soon find out that their access to EZ Reyes has been cut off after they attempt to check his file and soon discover they’ve been locked out.

As for Jimenez, he makes one last stop to tell Felipe Reyes about what happened and apologizes that he couldn’t protect EZ from what happened. He then tells Felipe his plans to travel up north to clear his head as he tries to get his life back on track after torpedoing his career.

As for EZ, he remains at the hotel and receives a message to meet in Room 237. The ominous message leaves EZ feeling like he might walk into that room and never walk out again.

Instead, when EZ arrives he finds his former rebel partners — Angel, Gilly and Coco — getting tattooed and enjoying the company of some lovely ladies. Angel tells EZ that they all voted to get inked together as a sign of solidarity now that the deal has been struck between the cartel and the rebels. Apparently, Angel knew that this was the final outcome that Adelita had planned after she unveiled her strategy to him several weeks ago.

Now Angel, Coco, Gilly and EZ aren’t acting behind the club’s back and they can finally know that what they were doing was all worth something.

When EZ’s tattoo is finished, he joins his brother out on the terrace where they have a heart-to-heart. Angel tells EZ that he loves him and because they are brothers, he’s always going to do whatever he can to protect him.

So Angel will follow through to help EZ get out of this deal with the government by doing whatever Lincoln Potter is requesting to drop any and all charges against them. Angel also tells EZ that after they finish this deal with Potter, he wants him gone for good.

Angel says that EZ has worn out his welcome in Santo Padre so after this deal is finished, his little brother is going to turn in his kutte, tell Bishop that he decided the M.C. life isn’t for him and he’s going to leave town and never return. Before EZ has a chance to agree, they receive a call from Lincoln Potter with instructions about the job they need to carry out to break free of him.

They receive a photo of former agent Kevin Jimenez with the words ‘bye-bye’ written over his face. Obviously, Jimenez has secrets that really could expose the government agencies and Potter is now forced to deal with him in the most drastic sense of the word.

He wants Angel and EZ to assassinate a former Federal agent to keep him quiet and if they do the job, they’ll be free of his control. He then informs them that they have 24 hours to finish the job or they can expect the wrath of the Justice Department to fall on their heads.

If EZ and Angel want to stay alive, they have to kill Kevin Jimenez.

What will they decide to do? Tune into the season finale of ‘Mayans M.C.’ next Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on FX to find out what happens!

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