‘Mayans M.C.’ Recap ‘Uch/Opossum’: Fire Walk With Me

In the ‘Mayans M.C.’ recap, EZ gets a little too close to Emily, Angel tries to secure a buyer for the heroin and Bishop gets closer to finding the rat…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

You may be through with the past, but the past isn’t through with you.

Those are the words (from the film ‘Magnolia’) that should be rattling around EZ Reyes’ head as he continues to play with fire by getting closer and closer to his ex-girlfriend Emily while she’s married to the head of the Galindo cartel. EZ was in love with Emily nearly a decade ago but shooting a cop, ending up in prison and then an abortion for the baby they were going to share finally drove a nail into that relationship.

Still since he’s returned from jail, EZ can’t help but be drawn to Emily and she’s apparently being pulled in the same direction like a moth to a flame.

EZ may have gone through hell in prison but that’s nothing compared to all the ways Miguel Galindo will dismantle him for touching his wife and that relationship got even more complicated in the latest episode of ‘Mayans M.C.’.

Last week saw Emily attempt to shift the momentum of the cartel’s war against the rebels by winning over the hearts and minds of the towns people who have been wavering under the weight of this constant assault.

Unfortunately, Emily’s plan to convince the people that the Galindo cartel as better for the community than a group of faceless rebels ended up backfiring with a nun being killed and a stampede in a church nearly taking her out.

Meanwhile, EZ is caught between his obligations to the DEA, his loyalty to the club and his devotion to his brother as he tries to balance all three personas he’s juggling right now.

And finally, El Padrino himself Marcus Alvarez is convinced that the leak that lost their drug shipment was an inside job, which means somebody sitting at the table of their Santo Padre chapter is a rat and that person must be dealt with immediately.

By the end of the episode, Bishop has his eyes on two suspects and if he actually finds out what’s going on, there are going to be a couple of spots to fill in this Mayans charter.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Mayans M.C.’ titled ‘Uch/Opossum’….

The Unfuckables

Following the stampede at the church, Emily was taken to the hospital to get patched up but she’s not in the mood to talk to her husband right now. Miguel finds out from his right hand Devante that it was Nestor, the leader of his hit squad, who decided to carve up a nun as a final message to implicate Los Olvidados for the attack on the religious festival.

While he may not have agreed with the decision, Miguel knows that the result will turn the towns people more towards his cause as the leader of the cartel. Unfortunately, Miguel also knows that Emily is going to blame him for everything that happened including the stampede that trampled her.

After hearing about what unfolded, EZ rushes to the hospital and thanks to a cop that happens to be a friend to the M.C., he’s able to get a few minutes alone with her inside. Emily lies to EZ about the attack from Los Olvidados — and then he lies in return when she asks about her kidnapped son. Trust is not the strongest quality in this relationship.

On his way out, EZ is spotted by Nestor, who immediately turns that information over to Miguel.

After a brief stop to chat with his father, EZ is cornered by a cartel truck telling him to follow to a meeting where he finally gets a little one on one time with Miguel.

The conversation is cordial enough — Miguel tries to tell EZ about his plans to turn the cartel into a more legitimate business as he looks to develop land along the border into houses, stores and other businesses. In return, EZ compares Miguel to Michael Corleone — the gangster from ‘The Godfather’ movies who tried to transform the mafia into a more legitimate enterprise as well.

EZ and Miguel even manage to speak to each other in Latin, which is a rare bit of knowledge shared between the two of them. That said before allowing EZ to leave, Miguel tells him the true nature of this meeting and that’s to warn him away from Emily. Miguel gives him some friendly advice to stay way but if EZ doesn’t listen, he’ll make sure to tell him again with a much different kind of message being delivered.

Meanwhile, Angel wakes up to a call and then hears noise out in his living room. When he emerges, Angel finds the severed head of Alice — the border patrol matriarch, whose entire family was gunned down in last week’s episode and she went missing. That’s when Angel comes face to face with Cole — the ex-military shot caller who was buying the drugs from Alice and her family last week.

Cole tells Angel how his deal with Alice went bad so he had his men kill her entire family as retribution. Cole leads this group of ex-military men now acting as mercenaries and drug runners and he nicknames them the ‘unfuckables’.

The meeting was called because Angel is trying to sell the six kilos of heroin leftover from the rebels’ hijacking and he believes Cole could be the perfect person to facilitate the buy. Cole works on trust and he’s going to require some good faith from Angel if they are going to work together.

Angel returns from the meeting and tells EZ, Coco and Gilly that as part of the agreement with Cole, he has to travel into Mexico and help retrieve an Afghan national who is living over there but can’t cross the border legally. Cole wants them to bring him back across the border through one of their tunnels that goes between Mexico and the United States and if they accomplish that goal, then he’ll find a buyer for those six kilos of heroin.

EZ and Angel travel into Mexico to make the retrieval but they run into a serious problem as soon as they find the location where they are supposed to pick up Cole’s contact.

Inside the home, EZ and Angel are taken hostage by the local Federales, who ran a profile on the Afghan national and found out that he’s a wanted man so they decided to hold him hostage until somebody arrived to retrieve him. Now that the people responsible for him have arrived, the Federales wants $100,000 in cash or they’ll just kill everybody.

They send EZ to get the money and he has one day to get it or he’ll return and find his brother and everybody else dead.

EZ rushes to Coco for help, who in turns calls on Adelita and the rebels for support.


Before Marcus returns to northern California, he returns to the clubhouse with a final piece of information passed along from Devante. Thanks to his child spy network, Miguel received a valuable bit of information last week — a video that showed his son was still alive and the leader of the rebels who was caring for him.

Marcus hands over a photo of Adelita, confirming she’s the leader of Los Olvidados. He instructs Bishop to only show this photo to a select few in the room at the time and hopefully they can use this to help flush out the rat who has been giving away club secrets to the enemy.

The timing couldn’t be any worse because that’s also when Coco gets a call from EZ asking for help after Angel was held hostage by the police in Mexico. Coco rushes off to help but his hasty exit has Bishop wondering why he’s in such a hurry.

That’s when Chucky tells Bishop about Coco’s mysterious meeting with a young Latino girl a diner a few days earlier. Of course, Chucky has no idea that this was Coco meeting with his mother and daughter, but he also can’t clearly identify if perhaps he was actually sitting down with Adelita when Bishop shows him the photo.

Bishop decides to have Tranq follow Coco to see where he leads. It appears El Presidente may have found his snitch already.

Down in Mexico, Coco and EZ arrive at the rebel base camp asking for Adelita’s help. She’s hesitant to get involved but some passionate words from a brother worried that Angel might not make it out alive gets her involved.

She calls on support from the area and they bring a kilo of heroin to offer as an exchange for the hostages.

When they arrive, the Federales tie all of them up and then scoff at the offer to take a kilo of heroin as payment, especially after they search the database and find a photo of Adelita as somebody wanted by the cartel. The leader decides to have his way with Adelita and then kill everybody else in the house.

That’s when Adelita’s backup arrives — her army of rebels, mostly consisting of teenagers — pull out automatic weapons and gun down all off the Federales’ inside. The leader is the last person to go as he is shot dead just seconds later after realizing all of his men have been killed.

Adelita thanks her little rabbits for coming to the rescue and she gives Angel a kiss, furthering that flirtation, and then tells them to never let something like this happen again.

When they return to the other side of the border, Angel delivers the Afghan refugees to Cole, who greets them like family. Judging by his reaction, he must have befriended them when he was serving overseas.

Cole thanks Angel for bringing the family back across the border and then promises to get him $50,000 per kilo — $20,000 more than he was asking to receive. Cole tells Angel that he’ll be the best friend he’ll ever have so long as this working relationship is still working. Cole also offers up a warning that he’ll be Angel’s worst enemy if he ever crosses him.

As for Gilly, he spent the majority of this episode exploring that tunnel that the crew found last week while burying Dennis after he tried to shoot at them. Gilly digs through the underground tunnels and eventually pops up a the brothel where his club does a lot of business. What this tunnel was doing there, no one knows, but Gilly has to cover up quickly after Creeper and Riz emerge from inside the brothel.

Add another suspicious character to the list of people who might be the snitch.

Finally back at the compound after Angel, EZ and Coco return home, Tranq tells Bishop that he lost track of his fellow member when he crossed into the tunnels that go into Mexico. Bishop orders Tranq to keep an eye on Coco and Angel after they both went missing for much of the day without any real kind of explanation about their shared disappearance.

Bishop also gets a visit from the mayor of Santo Padre, who comes there to let him know that Miguel Galindo is putting pressure on her to approve the zoning contracts so he can begin construction on his new development (the one he was showing EZ at the start of the episode).

The mayor is concerned because Galindo can basically seal her fate with a stroke of a pen and Bishop attempts to calm her down by explaining why he’s on edge after his son was kidnapped. Bishop promises to help her with the Galindo cartel problem, hopefully by retrieving his son and getting things back to normal.

Fire Walk With Me

As for EZ, he returns home to find Emily waiting for him inside Angel’s trailer. He’s obviously shocked to see her, especially after Miguel all but threatened him to stay away after their first meeting earlier in the day.

Emily breaks down because she’s unable to talk to her husband and she knows the evil things he’s doing by lashing out in an attempt to get their son back.

She also finally reveals that after EZ shut her out when he went to prison that she had an abortion after telling him that they were having a baby together. Emily admits she did it out of spite and anger to get back at EZ and now she believes she’s paying for that decision by her son Cristabol being kidnapped.

EZ comforts her and it appears the two are about to kiss when Angel walks in and interrupts. Emily decides that’s her cue to leave and she promises to stay in touch.

Angel and EZ end up getting into a fight because toying with Galindo’s wife will only further infuriate him and they are trying to remove him from power for good. It’s a short lived fight but still one that had to be hashed out between the brothers.

Finally, Emily returns home and doesn’t say a word to Miguel after walking through the house.

He confronts her about her mysterious exit earlier in the day and she fires back at him that she just needs space right now because she can barely recognize who he is anymore. The two end up in a full blown argument with Emily slapping him and eventually spitting in his face.

In return, Miguel slaps Emily and that’s when she decides to kiss her husband rather passionately before they have some angry make up sex. It was a little difficult to witness such violence then lead to such passion, especially in this particular day and age.

Still, Emily and Miguel found some sort of common ground through rage and anger with their son still missing and they aren’t any closer to finding him.

Eye for an Eye

As for Felipe Reyes, he decides to counter the DEA’s offer to make his son flip Emily and turn her against her husband by getting some leverage over Agent Kevin Jimenez.

Felipe visits an old friend in a bar, who just happens to be Jimenez’s father — they have a prior connection from when they both lived in Mexico. Felipe extorts some information from him and then decides to pay Jimenez a visit later that night.

Felipe pulls up to Jimenez’s vehicle as he’s leaving the office and he tells him about his former job where he worked with the Mexican Federales — his name is Ignacio Cortina and he was responsible for some truly brutal and heinous actions in the course of his job.

He then shows Jimenez the photos of him standing overtop of several decapitated heads of people he ‘arrested’.

Felipe warns Jimenez that he wouldn’t want him to revert to the person he use to be back in Mexico and then sends him a text message with a photo attachment as a reminder. It seems Felipe got Jimenez’s home address and he paid a visit to his family where he took a few shots of the DEA agent’s wife and children.

If Jimenez is going to continue to twist up EZ and make him betray his family while trying to leverage Felipe’s past, then he’s more than happy to do the same to the DEA agent who is handling his son’s case.

It’s a not so subtle threat but a valuable lesson learned that Felipe Reyes might just be the most dangerous man in this entire series.

‘Mayans M.C.’ returns with a brand new episode next Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on FX


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