‘Mayans M.C.’ Recap ‘Xaman-Ek’: The Truth Will Set You Free

In the latest ‘Mayans M.C.’ recap, EZ and Angel head north for answers in Charming, the club searches for a girl and Felipe runs into an old friend from long ago…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Secrets were at the heart of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and the same can be said for ‘Mayans M.C.’ where the truth comes with a serious cost these days.

In the debut episode, EZ Reyes was once again confronted with the truth about his mother’s death and that a member of SAMCRO played a part in her murder. Happy Lowman — the current sergeant at arms of the Sons of Anarchy club in Charming — visited Santo Padre nine years ago and put a bullet into EZ’s mother but the reasons behind her death are still a mystery.

So for the better part of eight months while he was estranged from his brother, EZ put together an extensive profile on Happy including his criminal record, family history and a timeline of where he’s traveled in the past in hopes of figuring out how he was involved in his mother’s murder. Finally after keeping all this inside for months, EZ came clean to his brother Angel last week as the Reyes’ brothers were able to put bad blood behind them for a common cause.

Meanwhile, the Galindo cartel is playing both sides of an ongoing war between the U.S. government and a group of rebels in Mexico that were upsetting the drug trade that thrived over the border. Miguel Galindo — desperate to do things different than his father — opted to team up with the rebels while also signing onto a deal with the U.S. government where he would act as their proxy down in Mexico much like Jose Galindo did for years (which we saw play out on ‘Sons of Anarchy’, particularly in season 4).

Miguel wants to keep his two worlds separate by building a legitimate business empire on the U.S. side while operating his drug cartel in Mexico. Unfortunately his worlds are starting to bleed together thanks to an assassination of a group of highly trained mercenaries hired by Assistant U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter, who were supposed to root out the last of the rebels and put them in the ground.

Now the mercenaries are back on the hunt for the remaining rebels in Mexico, which makes Miguel’s long term plans to work against the U.S. government that much harder.

A lot more played out in those storylines and much more so with that said, let’s get to our latest recap of ‘Mayans M.C.’ for the new episode titled ‘Xaman-Ek’…

The Truth Will Set You Free


Picking up from last week’s episode, EZ fills in his brother Angel with the information about Happy’s involvement in their mother’s murder and how he’s been living with this turmoil all by himself for the past eight months. EZ avoided Angel out of respect because he knew that him being around was a constant reminder of his betrayal when he was acting as an informant for the Federal government.

Unfortunately, EZ also decided that he couldn’t leave the M.C. because after everybody telling him for so long that he needed to get back to the life he had before prison, he came to realize this was the only life he really knew with people he could depend on.

Now EZ needs to make amends with his brother not only for the good of the club but also because he can’t keep the secret regarding his mother’s murder any longer. He tells Angel everything, which receives a mixed reaction from his brother who realizes that he hasn’t just been researching Happy for the past eight months — EZ has been flat out obsessed with him.

Sadly, EZ has been doing this all alone because he knew he couldn’t take this evidence to the cops out or Bishop because of the working relationship between the Mayans and the Sons of Anarchy. Killing an officer in SAMCRO no matter the reason would result in seriously bloody blowback while also killing a profitable relationship that has been ongoing for several years.

EZ and Angel decide to take matters into their own hands by driving north to find out more about Happy and perhaps figure out what to do with him.

While Bishop doesn’t know why the Reyes’ brothers have settled their beef, he’s certainly happy to see it because the M.C. has a lot going on right now protecting Adelita and the rest of the Los Olvidados rebels while keeping them off the radar of the mercenaries paid to kill them.

EZ is able to get permission to head north for parole obligations since he was imprisoned in Stockton, which allows him and Angel to head north without any suspicions. Before leaving Angel spends some time with Adelita and their baby girl — yes, he is the father of her child — but nobody knows it. Angel wants to share it with the world but Adelita prefers to wait until the baby is born to tell anybody.

Is it possible that Angel only believes he’s the baby’s father?

Angel eventually heads out with EZ while Bishop and the rest of the club head south of the border to check on Mini — the rebel girl who was captured and nearly tortured a week ago — because Adelita is worried about her. She cared for Mini ever since finding her and she’s afraid the little girl is getting separation anxiety not to mention trying to get past the trauma of nearly being killed a week ago.

The Hunt

It turns out Adelita’s instincts about Mini were right because the little girl escapes her safe house in an attempt to find her surrogate mother. The Mayans know that if she’s found by anybody else and turned over to the mercenaries, that would be disastrous for them and for the Galindo cartel.

So Bishop leads a hunt through the nearest town close to the safe house in hopes of finding Mini. What they don’t know until arriving is that the mercenaries have been searching in the same town trying to track down this little girl.

The mercenaries are ready to lay down a bloody path to get revenge for their brothers who were killed and they’ll go through anybody it takes to get the job done. That puts them in direct conflict with the Mayans, who have been paid as protection to help this double-dealing relationship stay in tact.

Nobody finds Mini until the Mayans are ready to head out of town and that’s when the little girl surprises them. She actually found them after seeing the mercenaries in town hunting for her. The M.C. swoops her away so she can be reunited with Adelita but despite their best efforst, they weren’t able to stay off the radar of the mercenaries.

The soldiers didn’t find the girl but they ran into a few shop owners who told them that men wearing motorcycle kuttes had come by with a similar photo trying to find the same wayward child. The head mercenary knows that he didn’t inform the Mayans about their search and Lincoln Potter certainly didn’t put them on the lookout, which means they have an ulterior motive of some kind.

The mercenaries end up putting a tracking device on the SUV that the Mayans drive when south of the border, which means they might unknowingly lead the soldiers directly to Los Olvidados’ front door. Adelita is safe because she’s in the U.S. but that doesn’t mean her people will be secure once the mercenaries find their location.

Ghosts from the Past

As Miguel Galindo continues to build his legitimate portfolio north of the border, his wife Emily has been attempting to secure them a plot of land where they will be able to begin an agricultural business. After all her planning and plotting to build her proposal, she shows up at the mayor’s office only to find out that the town will be bidding on the site where the agricultural center will be built, which means the Galindo’s may not end up as the owners as expected.

An irate Emily calls on Miguel, who is forced to leave his mother at the plastic surgeon’s office for her latest appointment.

As we discovered last week, Miguel’s mother Dita was badly burned in the house fire last season and she’s been seriously struggling with her mental health ever since. While the plastic surgeons are working on her physical well being, Dita refuses to do anything about the mental issues she’s been facing since nearly perishing in that fire.

When Miguel leaves to go meet with Emily, Dita sees this as an opportunity to slip free from her guards and escape on her own.

Dita runs straight to the heart of Santo Padre where she arrives at Felipe Reyes’ butcher shop but she doesn’t greet him by his new name. Instead, Dita refers to him as ‘Ignacio Cortez’, which is the real name he used when he previously worked as a police officer in Mexico under the employ of the Galindo cartel.

Felipe is obviously shocked to see Dita after all these years before he decides to take her back home to Miguel’s complex in town. On the ride there, Dita reminisces about the past while Felipe tries to stay focused on the present. Dita does talk about Miguel’s baby and in the midst of this conversation, Felipe asks her if she ever found out about something but they are cut off before she can answer.

Arriving back home, Dita explains that she was wandering the streets in Santo Padre and Felipe recognized her and insisted on bringing her home. Miguel and Emily are both suspicious but more worried about Dita than the connection she had with Felipe.

Back inside, Dita finally agrees to go to a psychiatrist for help after nearly dying in the fire but before going to bed she opens a book and looks at an old photo inside. When the episode started, Dita looked at this same photo and said goodnight to her sweetheart.

When she looks at the photo again, Dita unfolds the picture to reveal her sitting next to Jose Galindo with Felipe Reyes keeping a watchful eye over both of them. Is it possible that Dita was having an affair with Felipe while he worked for the Galindo cartel? Is it possible that perhaps Felipe is actually Miguel’s father, which would only further complicate the relationship that his son EZ has with the Galindo’s considering his ex-girlfriend is now married into the family.

There’s a lot of unanswered questions about that relationship that will surely be revealed as the season moves forward.

Death Trap

As for EZ and Angel, they begin the long ride to northern California where they will meet up with the Lodi chapter before handling ‘parole’ obligations in town. Along the way, EZ and Angel cross paths with another M.C. called the ‘Swole Boys’ — a pair of douchebags riding crotch-rockets wearing vests and talking about territories.

Angel calls them out, puts a gun to them and scares them away while taking a slight dig at the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ fan base by pointing out that watching a TV show, wearing a vest and riding a motorcycle doesn’t make you an M.C.

A little further up the road, EZ and Angel stop to play some games at an arcade when the Swole Boys catch up with them — this time it’s the entire club looking for payback after their members were disrespected. A fight ensues but Angel is able to get to his gun to back them off again before firing into a nearby car as he and EZ get on their bikes to ride away.

The Swole Boys give chase but as the cops arrive, Angel reminds this M.C. that patches always come before badges so they work together to give the police the slip. After stopping along the highway, EZ realizes that his brother shot into that car knowing that the cops would get called, which would then give them a way to escape without getting into a shootout with this bullshit M.C.

Finally, EZ and Angel arrive in Stockton where they reconvene with the charter that was started by Marcus Alvarez during ‘Sons of Anarchy’. After settling in, EZ has a run in with the local Stockton police, who are reading a page out of the immigrant handbook as written by Donald Trump. Another member of the Mayans warns EZ as abrasive as these cops may be, it’s not worth messing with them.

Following a group dinner, EZ is cleaning up while the same member who gave him a warning crosses the street to find those same Stockton cops are forcing a prostitute into giving them blowjobs while they record it. When the member of the Mayans stumbles onto the scene, the cops shoot him dead.

EZ gives chase just as the cops drive away and the member of the Mayans dies in his arms.

EZ and Angel traveled north to get answers from Happy in Charming but now they are embroiled in something much deeper after a member of the Mayans was gunned down by two corrupt cops.

It appears that the Santo Padre Mayans will be sticking around northern California to lend a hand to their brothers, which will also give EZ and Angel a chance to find out a little bit more about Happy Lowman and his connect to the death of their mother.

‘Mayans M.C.’ returns next Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on FX with a brand new episode…

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