‘Mayans M.C.’ Recap ‘Xquic’: With a Rebel Yell

In the ‘Mayans M.C.’ recap, the club orchestrates a rescue mission to free Adelita as Emily digs into Felipe and Dita’s mysterious past together…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Much of the second season of ‘Mayans M.C.’ has been dedicated to the hunt for answers for EZ and Angel Reyes as they look for the people responsible for killing their mother nearly 10 years earlier.

EZ went to prison for eight years after he gave chase to the assailant and then accidentally shot an off duty police officer. That assassin turned out to be Happy Lowman — sergeant-at-arms for the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original — but he was carrying out the assignment as a paid job where he was supposed to kill both Felipe Reyes and his wife.

Unfortunately, Felipe was nowhere to be found that night so Happy could only gun down his wife and when EZ showed up, it spooked him and he was forced to abandon the hit. Happy always assumed it was the cartel who hired him behind the scenes to kill the Felipe and his wife but after he got scared away from the job, he moved north to Charming and joined SAMCRO on a full time basis.

Last week ended with Happy promising to get the brothers some additional information so they could hopefully track down the people responsible for taking out the contract in the first place. Until that information arrives, the Reyes brothers are left in a holding pattern where their investigation is concerned but they soon find out there are bigger problems ahead after Adelita was captured by mercenaries south of the border with plans to soon return her to the United States for questioning.

That also leaves Miguel Galindo in a precarious position after he’s worked tirelessly to protect Adelita ever since they formed a partnership and now she’s been captured by the U.S. government, who he is secretly double crossing as well.

And finally Emily is once again left alone after her husband is forced to answer Lincoln Potter’s call so she begins digging into her own curiosity about the relationship between her mother-in-law Dita and Felipe Reyes.

Lots to unpack from this week’s episode so with that let’s recap the latest ‘Mayans M.C.’ titled ‘Xquic’…

Call to Arms

EZ and Angel arrive back in Santo Padre but it’s not the welcome home they expected after Bishop confronts the brothers after they had a run in with the Swole Boys on the ride up the coast on their way to Stockton. Because Angel waved his gun around and pissed off a rival M.C., it was the rest of the club who ultimately paid for it on the ride home including one member being thrown from his bike.

Angel takes responsibility for his actions and tells Bishop that he’ll accept whatever punishment the club sees fit when they sit down at church for the next vote.

Meanwhile, Felipe Reyes shows up to visit his sons following their return but Angel is understandably conflicted after learning at least part of a past life about his parents that they never bothered to tell him about. EZ expects his brother to explode but instead Angel embraces his father and breaks down in his arms, perhaps letting go of the rage that’s been building up inside of him for months after he was estranged from his family.

Later that night as the Reyes’ brothers prepare to share a beer with their father, Angel is conflicted about how he should feel about this entire situation. Not only did EZ and Angel find out additional information about their mother’s murder but they also came to realize that she wasn’t surprised when the hitman came gunning for her.

That means whatever life their parents led before escaping to the United States was enough for someone to want them dead.

Before EZ and Angel can spend too much quality time with their father, Chucky arrives with a message that the guys need to rendezvous at the dress warehouse for a meeting with Bishop and the Galindo cartel.

That meeting comes together as Miguel begins plotting for a way to break Adelita free from her captors after she sacrificed herself a week ago to maintain the cover she built with the Galindo cartel to hide away from the U.S. Department of Justice. Miguel hates himself for allowing her to be captured and his devotion to Adelita is beginning to cause problems at home as Emily is starting to pick up on that affection he has for his “business partner”.

Miguel refutes any claim that he has feelings for Adelita but rather admits that he admires her willingness to do whatever it takes to make a better life for her people in Mexico while all he’s ever done is profit off their pain and suffering. Now he’s turning a new corner and he’s used her advice as a morality guidemap of sorts, which has obviously drawn them closer together.

When Miguel gets a call from Lincoln Potter about the extraction plan to bring Adelita back to the United States, he realizes that his government handler is testing him to find out if he’s actually playing for the right team or not. That forces Miguel to call on the M.C. to help extract Adelita without him getting involved personally so he can maintain his cover with Lincoln Potter.

Of course plans never seem to go as orchestrated and that leads to plenty of turmoil.

Leave It Buried

With Miguel once again attending to his priorities in Mexico, Emily is left to fend for herself so she decides to dig into the history between her mother-in-law Dita and Felipe Reyes after spotting his truck near her psychiatrist’s office just a few days earlier.

Emily already discovered a photo showing Dita and Jose Galindo along with Felipe standing guard beside them hidden in a book in her mother-in-law’s bedroom. Now she decides to go into the family archives hidden away in storage for additional information.

She uncovers another photo similar to the one in Dita’s bedroom that shows her with Felipe as well as travel documents from years earlier.

The travel plans show Dita flying all over the world with Felipe booked alongside her on every trip.

Emily then takes a trip to the butcher shop to visit Felipe and ask for some answers. When she confronts him with the information — including his real name as Ignacio Cortina — he is forced to tell her that none of this should ever see the light of day. Felipe insists it’s better for everybody involved if she just leaves this buried in the past — and he implores her not to share this revelation with her husband Miguel.

Emily agrees but obviously has no idea how deep these secrets go — especially the one where Dita told Felipe last week that he is actually Miguel’s biological father.

Rebel Yell

Before leaving to ensure his cover with Potter isn’t blown, Miguel leads the M.C. into Mexico where he introduces them to Montserrat Palomo — the politician gaining strength and followers with support from Adelita and her rebel forces. Palomo scares Lincoln Potter enough that he wants Miguel to get her dirty so he can ruin her political aspirations before they truly begin.

Miguel is forced to call upon her as he begins putting together a plan to rescue Adelita from the clutches of the mercenaries who captured her.

Once the plan is put into place, Bishop prepares the M.C. for the eventual assault after tracking down the safehouse where the mercenaries have kept Adelita ever since she was captured. As the plans come together, Bishop assigns Angel to serve as a lookout as punishment because he’s still got to deal with the fallout from his bad decisions that led to the encounter with the Swole Boys.

Angel erupts and ends up in a brawl with Bishop before finally revealing the reason he’s so hot and bothered by this entire situation — Adelita is carrying his baby.

The confession makes Bishop realize why Angel was so protective over her this entire time and with that he allows him to join the crew on the excursion to rescue her from the mercenaries.

As for Potter, he pays a visit to the safehouse where he finds Adelita being held in a dog cage. He quickly reprimands the mercenaries for treating her so poorly before telling Adelita what is going to happen to her now.

The plan is to smuggle her across the border, away from the watchful eyes of the Mexican or American governments because this is quite illegal by any extradition laws on the books. Potter then tells Adelita that she will be cared for until her baby arrives. At that point, she will be tortured for answers and if she doesn’t comply, the U.S. government will use her baby as leverage to make her talk.

Potter then orders the mercenaries to carry out the travel plans to bring her to the United States while cautioning them that eyes are already upon them and this excursion needs to be carried out with surgical precision.

Potter then heads back to the U.S. side of the border to check on Miguel Galindo to find out if his new partner in crime is actually on his side or if he’s playing both ends against the middle. When they encounter each other in town, Potter tries to suss out whether or not Miguel is committed to him or actually plotting behind his back. Unfortunately, Potter can’t seem to get a read on Miguel and that bothers him more than anything.

Back down in Mexico, the Mayans prepare for the attack on the convoy that will lead to the border but there’s one small problem. The mercenaries have paid a pair of local pregnant women to serve as decoys so they can send out several vehicles and only one of them will actually have Adelita as the passenger.

The first vehicles leave and the club knows that one has to be a decoy so when the second one leaves, they decide that has to be the vehicle with Adelita. Sadly there’s a third decoy and the club ends up following the wrong person.

It’s not until a happy accident forces the mercenaries to stop when the pregnant woman they hired as a decoy actually goes into labor. The car carrying her is forced to pull over and they remove the hood over her face, which signals to the club that they’ve followed the wrong convoy.

That’s when EZ remembers a car he spotted outside the safe house that wasn’t a military vehicle. He figures out that has to be the one carrying Adelita and based on the only other available travel plans, the car must be headed up a deserted route where the club can intercept them before they make it to the border.

The other problem is that after the second car was discovered as a decoy, the club called to Marcus Alvarez and told him that the first vehicle must have contained Adelita. Now Alvarez is en route to intercept that convoy, not realizing that the rebel leader isn’t in the car and by crashing into the mercenaries, that will reveal the Galindo cartel has been working against the U.S. government this entire time.

That’s a problem that will be dealt with next week but first, EZ, Angel and a few more members of the club race off to find the real car carrying Adelita to the border.

Once they catch up, both the mercenary and Potter’s agent are killed and the car carrying Adelita is stopped. The group rescues her but as police sirens sound in the distance, Adelita tells Angel that he has to let her go — she needs to be captured and brought over to the United States for questioning.

Adelita explains that if she’s in captivity, Potter will call off his dogs when it comes to Palomo and the institutional changes that can take place now that he believes the rebel insurgents have been stamped down once and for all. If Adelita becomes a fugitive again, Potter’s never ending blood feud will stop at nothing to bring the rebels crashing down — and that includes politicians like Palomo, who are trying to do some real good for the people of Mexico.

EZ is forced to drag his brother away from Adelita and their child as she awaits the police to arrive and find her.

It was a selfless act from Adelita but one that obviously comes with consequence. Angel may never see his child — assuming the baby is his and not Miguel’s — and chances are he has held Adelita for the last time. Add to that, Miguel felt responsible for Adelita’s capture and now she’s going to be taken to the U.S. where she will be tortured and essentially left for dead if she doesn’t answer the questions she’s asked. Still, Adelita saw the greater good in sacrificing herself if it meant saving Mexico.

‘Mayans M.C.’ returns for a brand new episode next Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on FX.


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