‘Monster Squad’ Gets Its Own Documentary About the Making of a Cult Classic

The fan favorite horror film Monster Squad is getting is own documentary directed by one of the stars of the movie…

When Monster Squad was released in 1987, the film was considered a massive flop.

A horror movie starring tween kids didn’t exactly resonate back in the 1980’s (this was obviously three decades too early according to Stranger Things) as writer Shane Black and director Fred Dekker found out with the paltry box office returned from their labor of love.

Still, Monster Squad eventually found a loyal audience years later and now the film is hailed as a cult classic.

But how did this movie get made and how did Monster Squad eventually become a fan favorite? Well a new documentary titled Wolfman’s Got Nards — named after one of the most famous lines in the movie — hopes to find an answer to that very question.

The documentary directed by Andrew Gower, who played the lead role in Monster Squad, takes a deep dive behind the scenes of this cult classic film with interviews from the director, cast and everybody involved with the project.

Take a look at the official trailer for Wolfman’s Got Nards.

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