‘Mr. Robot’ Final Season Trailer Arrives with Release Date as Elliot Wages His Last War (VIDEO)

‘Mr. Robot’ is set to return on Sunday night, October 6 for the final 13 episodes in the award winning series on USA Network…

It’s time to say goodbye, friend.

The final season of ‘Mr. Robot’ will debut on USA Network on Sunday night, October 6 at 10 p.m. as the Sam Esmail created series cascades towards the end and now the first trailer has arrived.

At the end of ‘Mr. Robot’ season 3, often conflicted Elliot Alderson decided to undo the Five-Nine Hack that dismantled E-Corp but simultaneously put the financial market in a downward spiral across the globe. Always battling with his other half — the volatile Mr. Robot — Elliot is now ready to make his final move to bring the mighty to their knees once and for all and that kind of destruction goes far beyond any one corporation, no matter how powerful they might be.

“It brings the show back to its initial promise of Elliot wanting to take down the guys behind the scenes who are manipulating society,” Esmail said about the final season. “The journey between seasons one to three has been about discovering who the real culprits are. The hack was merely a distraction that was co-opted by these people, and it’s finally been revealed and exposed to Elliot.
“In a weird way, the next season will return back to that initial premise of the show and have Elliot be motivated by that, with this new clarity.”

‘Mr. Robot’ has been a critical hit ever since first debuting on USA while launching Rami Malek’s career, which eventually led to an Emmy win for Best Actor in 2016 and then winning the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal as Freddie Mercury in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ earlier this year.

The final season of ‘Mr. Robot’ debuts on USA Network on Sunday night, October 6 but check out the new trailer now.

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