‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3 Trailer Teases a War For Elliot’s Mind (VIDEO)

Take a look at the newest trailer for ‘Mr. Robot’ season 3…

It appears Elliot Alderson’s battle against himself will continue into ‘Mr. Robot’ season 3.

At the end of ‘Mr. Robot’ season 2, Elliot’s alter ego Mr. Robot, who carries the face of his dead father, forced Tyrell Wellick to shoot him when he threatened to abort their plans to enact ‘Phase 2’, which was another systematic hit to destroy E-Corp after the original hack was only the start.

It just goes to show how committed Mr. Robot is to fulfilling his plans that he’s willing to take a bullet to complete the mission.

Now as ‘Mr. Robot’ season 3 picks up, Elliot is obviously recovered from his gunshot would but the fight is still going on all around him. Add to that, the Dark Army has apparently turned on F Society, which has Darlene paranoid and on the run.

Check out the latest trailer for ‘Mr. Robot’ season 3 ahead of the season debut on October 11 on the USA Network.

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