New ‘Black Panther’ Trailer Gives a Breathtaking Look at Wakanda (VIDEO)

The new ‘Black Panther’ trailer has arrived and it’s absolutely breathtaking…

As Marvel begins to move towards the next phase of their film universe, it’s safe to say anticipation hasn’t faded one bit as characters such as Iron Man are no longer producing solo movies but new heroes have emerged like ‘Black Panther’ due out on February 16, 2018.

The new trailer for ‘Black Panther’ dropped on Monday with a soundtrack provided by the song “Bagbak” by Vince Staples as we got an even closer look at the hidden nation of Wakanda.

We got our first look at T’Challa — the prince who became king of his nation — during ‘Captain America: Civil War’ but this movie will give us a much deeper insight into his home nation of Wakanda.

While the new trailer doesn’t unveil much more about the movie that we already didn’t know — T’Challa’s throne is challenged by his old rival Eric Killmonger, who has his own Panther suit to go to battle during the upcoming film.

Check out the new trailer for ‘Black Panther’ and get ready for the film’s release in February 2018!

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