New ‘Castle Rock’ Trailer Ties Together More of the Stephen King Universe (VIDEO)

The new trailer for ‘Castle Rock’ has arrived with even more ties to the Stephen King Universe…

The upcoming series ‘Castle Rock’, which debuts on Hulu this summer, continues to tease all the ways this show will tie together various parts of the Stephen King universe.

The setting of the show is Castle Rock, Maine, which has been a town mentioned in numerous King novels and plenty of references to his past works are mentioned in this short teaser trailer.

The most obvious reference is Shawshank Prison — from ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ — as the lead character in this story played by Andre Holland, who is a death row attorney, gets called to visit with an inmate there played by Bill Skarsgard, who famously portrayed Pennywise in the recent film ‘It’ based on the King novel of the same name.

Check out the teaser trailer with a full trailer expected to drop this Sunday during the Super Bowl.

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