New ‘Halloween’ Trailer Shows Michael Myers on the Hunt (VIDEO)

The newest trailer for the upcoming ‘Halloween’ sequel has just been released and Michael Myers is hunting for his prey…

The highly anticipated ‘Halloween’ sequel is drawing near with the release date on October 19 and the second full length trailer has just been unveiled.

As the story goes, Laurie Strode has been quietly preparing for Michael Myers to return ever since tormented her 40 years earlier on Halloween night in her hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois.

In fact, Laurie has been praying that Michael Myers would escape from prison just so she would finally have the opportunity to kill him.

In the newest trailer for ‘Halloween’, we see Michael on the hunt for his newest prey after escaping from prison and Laurie doing everything in her power to prepare for his imminent arrival.

Check out the new ‘Halloween’ trailer ahead of the Oct. 19 debut date in theaters everywhere.

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